Live Webcast: How to Get More Out of Your LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

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PresentersAndrew KaplanSr. Product Marketing ManagerLinkedIn Marketing Solutions@andrewjkaplan

Cassandra ClarkMarketing Manager, Demand GenerationLinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Alexandra RynneAssociate Content Marketing ManagerLinkedIn Marketing Solutions@amrynnie


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But before we get started, a few housekeeping items. Please do submit any questions you may have in the Q&A box, and well save some time at the end to address them. You can join the conversation on Twitter using #LinkedInDemandGen, and follow us as well. 3

Lets talk about4Whats the buyers journey really like?Rethinking content marketing with LinkedInHow LinkedIn uses Sponsored Updates to hit our own marketing objectivesQ&A


Its a challenging world10Pieces of content are consumed before a purchasing decision is made **

Sources: *Forrester, Buyer Behavior Helps B2B Marketers Guide the Buyers Journey, October 2012; **Zero Moment of Truth Study, Google

As a marketer, you know its becoming increasingly difficult to influence purchase decisions. The buyers journey is non-linear and people are making it through 90% of it before they reach out directly. Todays empowered consumers have multiple tools in hand to find information about products, compare prices, get social recommendations and so on.

And content is playing a huge role in the decision journey, making it easier for people to go through 90% of the journey. On average, people are consuming 10 of those pieces of content before making a purchase.

And the way this impacts your business is it's harder than ever to reach the right people and convert them into customers. Which, at its core, is how marketing success is measured.

In order to succeed, marketers need to be present throughout the entire process to a) generate awareness among your target audiences b) create helpful content that addresses the customers needs and c) distribute that content in the right places and moments in time to get them ready to reach out.5


90%Of B2B buyers choose a vendor thats first to help them with useful content.-Source: Inside SalesAmount of purchase process that buyers complete before making contact with vendor.-Source: ForresterTarget your audiences with relevant content and engage prospects throughout buyers journey

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates allow you to publishrelevant content in the worlds only professional feed7Get started at

Raise brand awarenessDrive Quality LeadsBuild CustomerRelationships


Source: LinkedIn data;

MBA graduates3MM+

IT Decision Makers4.1MM+

C-level execs6.8MM+

Opinion Leaders11.5MM+

Target a high-quality audience using complete data from the professional member profile


DanielleSeattle, WA USABoston UniversityCOMPANYNAMEINDUSTRYSIZESCHOOLLOCATIONJOB TITLESENIORITYFUNCTIONFIELD OF STUDYDEGREEGRADUATIONAGESKILLSGROUPSIPCommunicationBachelor of Science2011, 25-34Simply Measured, 51-200, Internet Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing, Senior ICCMA, LEWIS, Social ToolsSEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging


On LinkedIn, speak to the professional mindset

-Source: The Mindset Divide: Revealing the Emotional Differences Between Personal and Professional Networks On LinkedIn, speak to the professional mindset


B2B marketers call LinkedIn their most effective and widely-used content platform

How we use Sponsored UpdatesLinkedIn Marketing Solutions


Keep your content in front of your target audience in the LinkedIn feedRaise brand awareness and build relationshipsDrive leads with the right content at the right timeExhibit industry, product and cultural thought leadershipStay top of mind and nurture prospects through the buyers journey

#LinkedInMktgOptimize Content Distribution



#LinkedInMktgVisual is the New HeadlineUtilize rich media with eye-catching imagery

Ensure the image matches the messaging

Get more creative with your photos

People like images of people

Make sure its the optimal size: 1200x627

Text safe area: 1000x586


#LinkedInMktgKeep it Short & SweetMinimal text performs better

Remove unnecessary words formore concise writing

Using words like you and yourresonate with audiences

#LinkedInMktgExample: Top PerformerDeliver the right content to the right people and boost quality leads on LinkedIn.

#LinkedInMktgSnackable Stats Work WondersLift short statistics and quotes from your content increase engagementStats out-perform quotesPeople are more likely to engage with and share content that makes themappear more knowledgeable

#LinkedInMktgExample: Top PerformerAre you ready to provide the first (and best) solution to suit your prospects needs?

#LinkedInMktgVariety is the Spice of LifeCreate a variety of promotional social graphics to avoid creative fatigue

We typically create 5 quote images and 5 stat images for any product launch

#LinkedInMktgExample: Top Performers





Multi-channel, always on approach for all Big Rock campaign launches25

Thanks Alex, so first Im going to share a couple slides on our strategy around Sponsored Updates.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates is our second biggest lead generator behind email. It has become a necessary part of our marketing strategy. When we launch a new Big Rock campaign, we always include Sponsored Updates in the marketing plan. It is important for us to reach our target audience across multiple channels beyond just email and really fuel our demand gen engine and content. Email is a highly effective channel but its window of opportunity is small, Sponsored Updates give us the opportunity to reach our target audience with an Always On approach beyond the inbox. Also, we know LinkedIn is a platform where people come to invest their time. We know they are looking for professional content and it is important to have our content there in the feed, in front of our target audience. Here is an example of a recent campaign we launched in Q4, The Sophisticated Marketers Crash Course to Marketing and Analytics. We launched this campaign last year consistent with our trends, the sponsored update was the top performing channel for downloads for this piece of content, behind email.

We have also seen a lot of success using this same approach for webcast promotion. We use InMail and Sponsored Updates to promote our live webcasts and we see incremental registrations when using these channels in addition to email promotion. Depending on the topic and targeting, sometimes we see Sponsored Updates contribute almost 20% of registrations for webcasts.25

Blended approach to always-on strategyEvergreenProvisional+

Diving more into our always-on strategy, we have developed a blended approach to the way we think about campaigns on sponsored updates.

In our world we have defined campaigns as either an evergreen campaign or a provisional campaign

Evergreen campaigns are our big rock eBooks, that are core to our content strategy and brand, i.e. the Sophisticated Marketers Guide. These are typically high-volume lead gen drivers that resonate with a broad audience. We turn these on at the beginning of the year and let them run throughout the entire year. So they are running in the background to all our other campaigns fueling our lead generation engine.

Our provisional campaigns are typically our more strategic campaigns, usually reaching more strategic audiences or used to promote events, webinars, new product launches etc.

Now it is important to note that we dont just turn on these evergreen campaigns and forget about them. Performance is extremely important to us and we will closely monitor these evergreen campaigns to ensure they are still acting as a high performing engine. At times creative will fatigue and will refresh the look or sometimes we have exhausted our target audience with that piece of content replace it with a new campaign.

Content strategy must resonate with your target audience on LinkedIn

Marketing Skills, Exec Playbook

We have talked a lot about this already so it might be redundant at this point but I wanted to share some of our own examples. You have to think about why people are on LinkedIn. They come to consume content for their professional development. A good content strategy is one that aims to be useful to your audience. Serve that purpose for them.

Now were not say everyone should create content specifically for LinkedIn. If you can great, however we realize resources and budget may prevent that. However as you think about your content strategy on LinkedIn, think about what content in your library will resonate in the feed. Dont be self-serving. Serve content that will be mutually beneficial.

So here are two examples that do extremely well for us on Sponsored Updates. The example to the left of your screen is an eBook we did in partnership with Hubspot called the Marketing Skills handbook.

The same goes for the eBook to the right. Similar approach but geared more towards our executive audience. How to have social leadership. Both are top Sponsored Updates performers, do very well. They see these in the feed and th