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    Logo Vs. No Logo


    There is some dress code that easily available. Causal dress and not one of them. For men, casual clothes like a polo shirt, formal shirts and casual footwear are fine.

    But now the time has to step your business casual attire up a notch. Its high time to dress for a business not for being casual. So what should you wear? The first of all you should filter your wardrobe formal. Go for a formal rather than casual. When looking for company clothing, go for Company Clothing.

    The classic white color logo shirt is trend of mens fashion. Fore men, white shirt are the best way to show off their power, wealth and class. Despite may the most part hidden by the outer garments like the blazer.

    A series of studies says that wearing received high quality clothing, person gains respect,

  • attention that turn into power and position.

    Just like,

    White shirt featuring designer company logo rated higher in the corporate world. A female wearing logo shirt gets 13% higher response compare to non logo shirts.

    Of course, the logo vs non logo draws some conclusion or experiment, but its clear the importance of well dresses verses average appearance.

    It is obvious that what you wear is affecting others perception of you. But research says that what you wear can affect how you behave. The exact research was, wearing clothes will change your behavior to match your dress hence, logo dress shirt affect on your behavior.

    The Logo Dress Shirts we wear - specifically indicate that we associate with them; the company we work for. We feel that they invoke in us and put us in a different mindset.

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