Marketing Automation Success in 2014 - LoopFuse Webinar

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My presentation on the 5 areas to plan for success with Marketing Automation in 2014. I review Process, People, Platform, Content, and Data.


  • 1. PLAN FOR 2014 MARKETING AUTOMATION SUCCESS Brian Hansford Director Client Services Heinz Marketing Tw. @RemarkMarketing
  • 2. 5 Planning Areas for 2014 Marketing Automation Success Process People Platform Content Data
  • 3. Marketing Automation: Does NOT automate marketing Does NOT magically generate revenue Does NOT replace how humans develop relationships Is NOT about batch and blast emails Is NOT easy
  • 4. Tools and Technology are not a Strategy Keep the Customer at the Center NOT the technology
  • 5. Process
  • 6. 2014 Process Checklist Demand Generation Strategy Definitions of Leads and Opportunities Customer persona segmentation Lead management process definition Metrics for Success
  • 7. The Most Critical Resource
  • 8. 2014 People Checklist Accelerates platform performance and utilization Demand Generation Training Platform Training Analytics Training Marketing Programs Training Content Marketing Training Social Media Training Platform Administration Training
  • 9. Platform
  • 10. 2014 Platform Checklist Supports the demand generation strategy Serves targeted content at the right intervals Synchronized with CRM Multi-touch nurturing campaigns Scores behaviors for interest and signals Works through multiple channels including web, social, mobile, events, and email Data management capabilities Analytics Supported with existing people resources and capabilities
  • 11. Content
  • 12. 2014 Content Checklist Without content, demand generation campaigns wont even get off the line Content assets are like gold (and live longer than royalty) Content strategy Map content to the buyers journey of YOUR customers Mix it up: One white paper wont fuel a campaign Measure asset consumption
  • 13. Data Health
  • 14. 2014 Data Health Checklist The single most critical issue for Marketing Automation in 2014 Define data management standards Opt-In and privacy policy Contact governance and cadence Email deliverability standards Spam complaint mitigation Phone contact standards Record completeness Cleaning, normalizing, appending
  • 15. Questions ?
  • 16. Thank You! Brian Hansford Email: Twitter: @RemarketMarketing