Marketing ideas for Ola cabs

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<ol><li> 1. Marketing Ideas </li><li> 2. Objective: Increase awareness and drive usage </li><li> 3. Consumer Profiling </li><li> 4. Age: 17-50+yrs Seasoned and fresh professionals Sec A/B Socially active and well connected Technophile Recognition is important for him/her Access a lot of social platforms/information from his mobile device Has an active social life Mostly depends on public transport/car- pool Frequent traveller Office goer/commutes for meetings And club hoppers </li><li> 5. Idea #1 Safety Campaign Amidst all the concern on women safety, we should Document and create short videos of women traveling in OLA Capture their experiences right from booking it to end destination Capturing that OLA takes precautions and measures to be safe Introduce women driven cabs also This can be launched as a web series </li><li> 6. Idea #2 Carry on Jaani Club hopping is an upcoming phenomenon And people usually take risks and hence drink and drive Tie-up with pubs and restaurants to give specific discounts on cab fare basis their alcohol consumption The more you drink, the more you save (to an extent) </li><li> 7. Idea #3 Have content tie up with TVF/AIB Promote the app on various topical series </li><li> 8. More ideas are just an interview away! </li><li> 9. Big guns are vouching for me! </li></ol>