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<ul><li><p>Leaders Are LearnersHow learning-ready are yours?</p><p>In the long run, the only sustainable competitive advantage is your organization's ability to learn faster than your competition. Take the Learning-Ready Assessment from MindLeaders and find out if your organization has the resources and processes in place to develop an innovative and productive workforce. </p><p> mindleaders.com/elearning-ready</p><p>Get University of Phoenix credit with Mindleaders courses</p><p>Alan SeeChief Marketing Officer </p><p>MindLeaders, Inc.</p><p>Alan SeeAssociate Faculty</p><p>University of Phoenix</p><p>2012 MindLeaders, Inc. MindLeaders logo is a trademark of MindLeaders, Inc.</p><p>Management &amp; Leadership Elite Ivy League-level learning in an online setting </p></li></ul>