Offshore 101: Your Crash Course to Internationalization

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Offshore 101: Your Crash Course to Internationalization


<ul><li> 1. Offshore 101: Your Crash Course to Internationalization</li></ul> <p> 2. Get a crash course on all things offshore, from how and where to open an offshore bank account to buying foreign real estate to getting a second passport. This introductory course gives step-by-step instructions and tips designed for someone new to the world of Offshore. This six-hour audio series discusses the most common questions about offshore finance and internationalization in great detail, and provides actionable tips to get you started protecting your assets or living abroad. Product Description Learn how to protect your assets, keep money and gold offshore, where to buy foreign real estate, and how to get a second passport for next to nothing.This six-hour audio course is your personal introduction to the world of offshore banking and second passports. Nomad Capitalist editor-at-large Andrew Henderson is your personal tour guide through this 101-level course on all things offshore. In this audio guide, youll not only learn the threats the western world faces, but youll learn how to protect yourself. The course shares detailed, step-by-step advice on how to: Open an offshore bank account: when, where, how, and what to watch out for Store your gold offshore: how to reduce your precious metals sovereign risk The two non-reportable offshore assets you need to know Why to consider foreign real estate: where to buy for the best returns or a passport Three ways to get a second passport: the easiest and cheapest ways to do it 3. Visit To Get V.I.P Bonus</p>


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