Online MLM Success Tip - Relationships before Sales!

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1. Welcome to the third tip of this 5 part series where I share 5 essential tips on building your MLM business online. 2. In the last presentation of this series, we talked about the importance of building a list. 3. One of the mistakes many new online marketers make with their brand new list, is they bombard people with pitchy emails that contain absolutely no value. 4. The third tip in this series will be on the importance of relationships before sales. 5. Unless youre a master copywriter, creating high profit storytelling sales letters, chances are if you bombard your list with a bunch of pitchy emails, 6. about why they should join your business, or buy your product they will unsubscribe and kick your butt to the curb. 7. You will lose the opportunity to build a relationship with that person, and you will lose out on any future opportunities this relationship could have provided. 8. It is very important for your long term online MLM success that you build relationships with your followers before you try to sell to them. 9. How do you build relationships with your followers? 10. The people who subscribed to your list did so because they were interested in your offer. 11. Your offer provided "Value" and helped your subscriber answer a question, solve a problem, or overcome a frustration. 12. For example, this presentation youre reading right now is part of a 5 tip series I created to help people build their MLM business online. 13. If you have read the other presentations in this series you will see that I'm repeating myself. 14. I'm repeating myself for a reason. I want this information to sink in. 15. "VALUE" that helps one of your prospects answer a question, solve a problem, or overcome a frustration is the first step to building a long term relationship with this person. 16. Remember that people join people; people purchase goods from people they know, like, and trust. 17. So, here is a little assignment. Take out a piece of paper and write down the following questions. 18. What are my customer's struggles, pains or frustrations? 19. What are their hopes and dreams? 20. For example, let's say youre in the weight loss niche. 21. Your customer's pain, might be they have struggled with their weight, their whole life, and no matter what they do they cannot lose it. 22. Their hopes and dreams, maybe to shed 40 or even 50 pounds. 23. Instead of just telling your customer to buy your product because its proven to help people lose weight, why not show them. 24. Teach them a daily workout regime and ways to stay active. 25. Show them ways of eating healthier, especially when on the go. 26. You could share healthy recipes, and other quick snack ideas. 27. How about a support group to help them on their weight loss journey? 28. If you help people with their struggles, pains or frustrations, and help them to achieve their dreams and goals through your "VALUABLE" online content, you will create long term relationships with these people. 29. I hope youve enjoyed and hopefully learned from this third tip, for the next tip in this 5 part series click on the link below to view our Slide Share Profile. See you on the next presentation!