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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing10 Hacks that work for Every Business

Why use Pinterest for Marketing?Dont be fooled by its smaller user profile than other social media platforms (i.e. Facebook and Twitter)

Generates more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ - combined

Website referrals from Pinterest spend more per order

Pinterest SEO

Use searchable and relevant keywords in your pin text

Use board names and board descriptions

Use the auto fill as a guide for common keywords in the search field

Tailwinds Domain Pin World Cloud- Tool to search and see common keywords Pinterest users use when repining your images

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Reuse Content from Other PlatformsFind a good stock image and use an image editor to add text

Make sure the image does not have any copyrights

Smart Feed ranks content that is popular on other platforms higher on Pinterest

Your Pinterest followers will most likely be interested in the same popular content as your Facebook and other network followers

Use software programs to help generate multiple post from a single source of content

Allow Viewing to AllIf views dont have a Pinterest account, they can only view a few images

Embed boards to a static page on your website or onto your bog post

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Create the DreamPinterest is the mecha for inspiration and creative ideas

Emotional and imaginative content resonates strongly with users

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is all about the future and what makes us happy

46% of pinners will experience a major life event within 6 months

Many users use Pinterest to help plan for that event

Create the Dream96% of users used Pinterest to research and gather information

93% used it to plan for purchases

87% used Pinterest to help them decide what to purchase

Cater to the dreamers

Use relevant images to create visual storytelling or to invoke a strong emotion

Get CompetitiveRun a contest to generate traffic

Make sure to follow the rules

You can end-up with a frozen account if you dont

Pinterest wants quality posts, not quantity- they care deeply about the quality of their users time

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Steel PinnersPinners that are pinning content to your competitions boards are would probably be interested in your products

Make contact with your competitions avid pinners to get them interested in your pins

Visit:[your competitors]

See who are avid pinners and make contact with them

Connect with Influence What are the names of your biggest pinners?

They add content to your site

They help drive traffic to your site

Connecting to them can turn them into brand advocates

Unlock your Pinterest Analytics to determine the pinners with the greatest activity on your boards

Comment on Pins from Influential users

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Users Demand It- You Supply ItCreate evergreen content

Once pinned, content can instantly go viral or months latter

Pinterest algorithms always find old content

An old pin can be found by an influential pinner

Track pins that are currently doing well and then create similar content

Use Pinterests analytics to help keep track of what is doing well and what is not

Accommodate Worldwide Usage of PinterestCreate a pinning schedule- a pinning App

Make sure to add a steady stream of content so your community stays engaged

Pinners are from around the world- they operate in several time zones

Make sure to use a Pinterest Marketing Developer partner- dont give away your password to another 3rd party company

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Newsletter ContentUse your Newsletter to you advantage

Those opening and clicking through are already interested in the content

Make it easy for them to share by adding a button

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