PPC Advertising Strategy -Create a Story That Flows

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Understanding the nature of the PPC and the relationship between the searcher, the search results, your ad, your landing page, and a conversion is key to success. This was adapted from my Winning PPC Strategy slideshare presentation, but done professionally.


  • 1. a Winning By: David Melamed PPC Advertising Strategy
  • 2. playingouta conversationin YOUR PROSPECTS ARE their heads
  • 3. IN THEIR HEADS Join The Conversation YOUR JOB IS TO
  • 4. asking a question. When a prospect searches in Google, They are
  • 5. Answer Their Question Your Ad Should
  • 6. When They Click Through, Tell Me More They are Asking You,
  • 7. When They Visit Your Website, You Should Fulfill The Implied Promise Your Ad Made.
  • 8. Yes, Please Contact Me, I Want To Continue This Conversation. finally, you should have a clear action you want the prospect to take which says to you,
  • 9. Thank You. Questions? Need help with PPC? How to reach me! DAVID MELAMED www.davidmelamed.com david@davidmelamed.com