Representing Your Brand On LinkedIn

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At LinkedIn we understand that when it comes to content marketing and messaging our members, every brand has its own needs. Join LinkedIn's content marketing webcast, Representing Your Brand on LinkedIn, to understand how to accurately establish your brand on LinkedIn, and integrate each tool into your content marketing strategy.

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  • 1. Representing Your Brand on LinkedInBrittany Curtis, Content Marketing Consultant#linkedincontent

2. A few things before we begin2 Will this be recorded YES Please submit all questions into the public WebEx box#linkedincontent 3. Agenda3 LinkedIn Company Page Establish a Company Page Presence What your followers want to hear LinkedIn Showcase Page Key features of a Showcase Page When to leverage a Showcase Page Direct Sponsored Content How to Leverage DSC Best Practices 4. Company Pages#linkedincontent 5. 5LinkedIn Company Page: Your destination to establish yourcompany's identity and build relationships with the world's professionalsIdentityYour companysprofile to the worldsprofessionalsNetworkConnect professionalsand your employeesto your brandKnowledgeShare content & to makeprofessionals moreproductive & successful 6. Engaging Members with Content6Organic UpdateSponsored UpdateFollowers of a companyreceive organic updatesDesired Target Audiencereceives Sponsored Update 7. Company Pages: Gateway to the newsfeed 8. To learn about thecompany *73%Why do members follow companies?I want to stayinformed on theindustry69%I used to workfor thecompany47%* Includes: Stay updated on latest company news, be included in companyscommunity, learn about their products and services, or stay up to date onfinancial and investment news related to the company** Includes: Im a current custom/client or my company currently doesbusiness with this companyLinkedIn Member Study ; May 2014I aminterested inworking forthe company43%I currently dobusiness withthis company**36% 9. Top content type by vertical that followers in the US want to receive9 10. Showcase Pages#linkedincontent 11. LinkedIn Showcase Pages11Showcase PagesShowcase Pages allow companies to extend their Company Page presence, effectivelysegment their audience, and deliver the right message to the right audience. 12. 12Create a dedicated page Share specific content Create relationshipsCreate a showcase page foraspects of your business withtheir own messages and audiencesegments to share with.Members can now follow aspectsof your business they're interestedin.Share focused content to build arelationship with a specificaudience. 13. 13Key FeaturesDiscoverablethrough searchAttract a unique setof followersDeliver content throughCompany Updates andSponsored UpdatesTwo-Column content feed tobring content frontand center 14. When Should I Create a Showcase Page?1.For a specific LOB that has its own identity and story2.For a specific long-term product that requires its ownmessaging and follower base3.If you want to segment and connect with a specific targetaudience#linkedincontent 15. Content on a Showcase Page should beContent should reflect the LOB or productsoverall messaging and valuesRelevant and helpful to the audience that youwant to build a relationship withConsistent members want to hear from you!#linkedincontent 16. Showcase Page: Different LOB16 17. 17Showcase Page ContentSpecific and relevant to Secrets target audienceContent that is helpful builds trusting relationships with members 18. Content for a Showcase PageCompany Page vs. Showcase Page18P&G Company Page Secret Showcase PageP&G company newsShowcase TalentThought-leadership ContentConsistent Messaging aroundwomen in the workplace 19. Showcase Page: Specific Product19 20. Showcase Page Content20Product Specific stories and tips 21. Direct Sponsored Content(DSC)#linkedincontent 22. 22With Direct Sponsored Content, target specific audiencesdirectly in the feed, without publishing on Company PagesPersonalizeCustomize your message totarget each audienceTestTest variations of your contentControlWhat gets published on yourCompany Page 23. 23Personalize your message and offers to your targetaudience to boost your performance 24. 24Test and optimize your reach to the right audiencewith the right messageTest your intromessage orcall to actionTest your image Test your headline and teaser text 25. while providing others within your company access to sponsor content25Control what gets published on your Company PageEnable more departments to participate incontent marketing1Promote local events and targeted offers tospecific audiences 2Boost your lead gen efforts withoutoverwhelming your followers 3Share more content on LinkedIn withoutcrowding your Company Page 4 26. Key Takeaways#linkedincontent1. Establish a LinkedIn Company Page to engage members throughcontent2. Extend your brands presence through Showcase Pages3. Use Direct Sponsored Content as a vehicle to deliver the mostrelevant content experience to members 27. Q&A