Restaurant Apps for iPhone & Android: Increase Marketing ROI

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Learn why your restaurant or food chain needs an app to increase customer loyalty and improve marketing ROI. See the immediate and long-term benefits of creating an app for your restaurant business.

Text of Restaurant Apps for iPhone & Android: Increase Marketing ROI

  • 1. Why Make a Restaurant App? Why making an app for your restaurant or food chain can increase your ROI, taking care of your bottom line.
  • 2. Mobile Restaurant Stats >30% of visits to mobile pizza sites result in a call to the restaurant 70% of smartphone users use their devices while out shopping In the last 5 years, mobile trafc to restaurant sites has increased by 40-47%
  • 3. Apps vs. Mobile Sites Users prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. Why? 1. People spend more time on the web via mobile apps than they do on direct browsers. 2. Apps make the ordering process easier & smoother than websites. VS
  • 4. The Make Your Own App Trap Sites offering quick, easy and cheap apps by simply choosing colors & adding menu items dont work well for restaurants wanting to build loyalty. Heres why: 1. Poor functionality 2. Colors never exactly match your brand 3. Poor integration with native device capabilities
  • 5. Introducing Bistro Bistro is a pre-made, fully customizable, restaurant-specic mobile solution After extensive customization of design and features, the app looks and feels like your restaurant, building customer engagement and loyalty. It also makes food ordering hassle-free and saves customers time.
  • 6. Bistro Screenshots
  • 7. Bistros Functionalities Bistro has been optimized for customer loyalty and retention with functionalities proven to increase ROI: Store check-in Customized coupons QR codes Trackable points rewards system Menu suggestions Order saving Automatic payments
  • 8. Why Have an App for Your Food Chain? More, larger orders = more money spent = higher prot margins Customized details on individual customers Data revealing dining patterns of different types / groups of people to use in loyalty-building strategies Increases business during your off hours via special promotions for daytime hours (business coffee meetings) and weekday nights
  • 9. Cost Comparison Stats According to Center for Retail Management, 12% to 15% of the most loyal customers produce 55% to 70% of all sales. 82% of loyal customers refer at least one more loyal customer. Loyalty program members spend more money more often than non-loyal customers. Loyalty programs hosted on mobile apps are the most affordable for all business types. 1. Plastic cards cost approximately $0.50 each, and only 18% are active after six months. 2. SMS texting plans cost at least $200 per month, and unwanted texts are annoying to consumers. Push notications are free after the app setup & are welcomed by consumers.
  • 10. Backend Management Panel
  • 11. Bistros 6 Key Components Restaurant Discovery Customers can nd restaurants based on location. Menu Bistros menu includes detailed ingredients, categorized items, a search functionality, and clearly displayed pricing. Order History Keep a log of visits & orders placed per customer. Customers can reorder favorite orders easily.
  • 12. Bistros 6 Key Components Automatic Payments Bistro automatically deducts order amount from card given at sign up. Customers can choose the tip amount before nalizing their payment. Promotions & Loyalty Programs Send push notications of current & upcoming promotions. Give loyalty discount coupons based on visits or bill amounts. Reservations Let customers book tables in advance, removing the need to call or show up early & wait in long lines.
  • 13. Get in Touch Ready to increase customer loyalty and drastically increase your marketing ROI? Call: 415-758-1522 Email: Visit: Ofce: 114 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104 for a free consultation

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