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  • 1. Skirt Weights Keep your skirt from flying up!
  • 2. The Company
  • 3. The mission of Swarovski and its retail stores is about the impact that its products can make in everyday lives, and reflects the desire of the Swarovski founder to use crystals to spread joy.
  • 4. SWOT Analysis for Swarovski The company created a situational SWOT analysis of the external and internal factors
  • 5. What is it? THE SKIRT WEIGHT
  • 6. The Skirt Weight is a thin, pin-like attachment that slips effortlessly through fabric The thin needle will leave no holes in clothing Accessorized with Swarovski crystal creations These crystal creations will be able to keep the skirt down in the wind and add some glam to your outfit
  • 7. The pin and weight are made out of Sterling Silver with a fineness of 925 parts per thousand The decorative creation can be clipped on and off of the product is made from various metals and distinguished Swarovski Crystal The two are separately manufactured and brought together in the packaging process
  • 8. Culture Demographics Social Issues Technological advances Economic Situation Regulatory Environment MACRO-ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS
  • 9. Culture is the shared meanings, beliefs, moral values and customs of a group of people The culture of our product we are selling to is American woman who are widely known to buy products to accent their style The skirt weight will constitute a very professional product not to cause workplace distractions
  • 10. The targeted Demographic is gender oriented The generational cohort being targeted is Generation X and Y Generation X has spending power and convenience is important Generation Y is similar and enjoy easy access with the constant availability of the internet
  • 11. Distinguishing between the Income and Education gap The product is an unsought luxury good. Singling out specific income and education levels could risk leaving out less affluent classes Even those in the lower classes purchase items like these to stand out, look better, and feel better
  • 12. Social Trends can directly effect how Skirt Weights performs in the market America is moving towards budgeted approach shopping Skirt Weight will have challenges Value must be added with product and price. Clip will be made from post-consumer recycled material
  • 13. America is a time-poor society Advertising to this society will include the QVC Network This gives consumers quick and ample time to see and purchase product Advertising will not be used in the mass media of T.V advertising The market we are trying to reach is a specific target audience
  • 14. We will be using our existing information of online purchases We can see who has purchased similar Swarovski products With this group determined we could market directly through outlets such as e-mail
  • 15. Most currencies are valued higher than the U.S Dollar This attracts international tourism interest Interest rates have been substantially lower than in the past Consumers are more likely to save money This causes a problem for a luxury good
  • 16. Skirt Weights will not be affected by the environment Not marketing towards kids, over the telephone, or through illegal channels Swarovski is in a market with competitors so becoming a monopoly is no option Advertising used will be held to fullest extent of integrity and not to mislead
  • 17. Target Market Segmentation Targeting Positioning IDENTIFYING AND EVALUATING OPPORTUNITIES USING STP
  • 18. The target market for this luxury good is going to be middle to upper class women and working women This product will help make a fashion statement. And to feel comfortable in any position they are thrown in
  • 19. Swarovski has identified three different segments that could be possibly marketed to with different products We intend to have a design set to market to each of the three segments The segments are closely identified as potential buyers of the product and represent who we feel might be a profitable segments
  • 20. Market Segment Chart Segmentation
  • 21. Swarovski identified two segments to be most profitable Working woman and the college and high school girls They represent the women who have the funds and will buy an unsought luxury product
  • 22. Working women would be able to wear the product in and around the office Professional and shows flash The weight provides a function to skirts and dresses, and has the ability to match and accessorize your jewelry and outfit
  • 23. This segment could be considered the girl who is going out to bars and going to football game tailgates often The high winds at stadiums during tailgates leave women wanting to keep dresses and skirts down Skirt Weights and Swarovskis crystals provide the option to match your outfits and team colors for any even
  • 24. High School and College Girls Positioned in this market we market collegecolored attachments and flashy appeal Advertise in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and People Magazine These ads will feature the product as classy and need to have item to fit the next trend
  • 25. Working Woman Business woman will be targeted through magazines and news sources such as; Bloomberg Business New York Times Vogue Business Edition This is to emphasize how the crystals and design will make your outfit substantially better
  • 26. Product Price Promotion Place MARKETING MIX
  • 27. The Marketing Mix describes our Four Ps to success and maximum profit Product Price Place Promotion The four elements will solidify profitable venture
  • 28. Will be made from quality sterling silver material and the beautiful topaz gem Swarovski is famous for Differentiated designs for each of the target segments will be developed The Skirt Weight is a multi-function piece of holding your skirt down to avoid embarrassing moments and looking fashionable whi