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  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media is about sociology and psychology and not longer about technology. I am an expert in Social Media Marketing and I know all the tricks and hints about attracting the right audience.

  • we dont have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it!

    Professional Social Media Portfolio

  • OMO OMO DIG Campaign

    Overview: OMO, the Unilever laundry detergent brand, launched Dirt Is Good philosophy.

    Social Media Objective: build the emotional connection to the brand and bring awareness to the DIG value.

    Activation: the launch happened in Youtube/Facebook song that promotes DIG, series of videos with psychotherapist talking to mothers, and activation of OMO carnival.

    KPIs: reach and engagement in addition to user generated content.

    Achievement: OMOArabia has been featured as top performing brand for 2015 globally across all Unilever brands.

  • OMO Touch of Love Campaign

    Overview: a CSR campaign in Ramadan in support of red crescent.

    Social Media Objective: achieve Guinness world record of donations

    KPIs: Engagement, user generated content, digital buzz

    Execution: the campaign was launched digitally with the help of 12 KOL from GCC, all content was organically posted

    Achievement: the campaign won a Guinness world record and has won the MENA Emerald (Silver) Crystal Award

  • TRESemme Sponsorship of Xfactor

    Overview: Tresemme the used by professional shampoo sponsored the Xfactor show.

    Social Media Objective: increase brand awareness and link the professional hairstyling look of celebrities to the brand.

    KPIs: increase brand awareness and positive image that is linked to celebritys styles.

    Achievement: Live Tweeting/Advertising through real time content during the show. Creating conversations and on the spot advertising which resulted in positive engagement and 240% increase in number of followers across different channels

  • Genesys Middle East

    Overview: Genesys is a customer experience and contact centre solutions provider. The company launched its social media platforms in MENA in February 2015.

    Social media objective: increase brand awareness and attract new businesses and clients (purely B2B )

    KPIs: leads and visits to Genesys website & blog. And engagement on its channels.

    Achievement: the #Gsummit live tweeting event resulted in great engagement and brand awareness. And the traffic to the website achieved great numbers and specifically in the Arabic language.

  • CoinaPhoto Middle East

    Overview: social platform for photographers online that offers buying and selling photos and showing case talents.

    Social media objective: increase brand awareness in GCC & drive more traffic to the website through local influencers.

    KPIs: leads and visits to Coinaphoto website and engagement on its channels.

    Achievement: running 4 different competitions on Instagram & Facebook through the KOLs own social media channels, while Coinaphoto celebrates their talent and endorses them as photographer. This resulted in increased brand equity & achieved more 30% increase in website traffic despite the challenge of language support.

  • Fashion Online Store

    Overview: The first online fashion store in the Middle East owned by Aljabbar group.

    Social Media Objective: drive sales and traffic to the website.

    KPIs: driving traffic and leads through Facebook & Twitter. While increasing brand awareness through other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

    Achievement: cleared all the customer care issues in 6 months. (crisis management). Achieved leads through Twitter after it has been a slow progressing channel.

  • Blogging

    Personal blog where I share my experience as an expat mother and a working one. Blog drove more than 3000 visits in the first 40 days.

    Daily Sugar blog, a fashion blog that is part of and its main objective was to drive leads (financial transactions). The content used to generate around 1000 USD daily.

  • Words so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become, in the hands of one who knows how to combine them!

    Professional Content Portfolio

  • Translation

    Proposing high quality bi-lingual and meaningful translation services; in Arabic and English; thus delivering the correct message with high text value that transmits the sense and the core of the context.

    How often misused words generate misleading thoughts

  • Translation Samples (web content ) (Arabic Content-Fashion) (Arabic Content- Fashion) (Arabic movie synopsis)

    Jordan River Foundation (training material translation)

    Bodybuilding articles Translation

    Grand Midwest Tower (press release translation)

    DataFlow Group, web content ,business proposal & formal application translations

  • Technical Writing

    Technical Writing; user guide documentation in Arabic and

    English for end users and system administration; for the below

    listed clients for software like: Document management

    system, signature verification system, electronic cheque

    clearing system.

  • Web Content

    Create and Renovate an Easy, Dazzling, and Outstanding masterpiece. These are my CREDO values. Developing a creative and innovative content and transforming it in a simple and original text that has no resemblance.

  • Web Content Samples

  • Proofreading refers to editing any content including grammatical, linguistic, and punctuation mistakes, in addition to refining the format.

    Medical translation & proofreading for Medical Brochures;

    brands description and items detailing

    brands description and items detailing;

    Arabic Proofreading

  • Creative Writing- Advertising

    How catchy it sounds, this is how creative it is.

  • Creative Arabic Writing- Advertising

    Costa Ice Campaign- July 2014 Creating Arabic transcreated text for the iced drinks launched in summer 2014 Kelloggs Personalized Spoon Promotional Campaign Creating Arabic creative text for personalize spoon campaign launched in 2014 Launching Chevrolet Arabia cars 2015 Creating Arabic creative text for the launching campaign for Chevrolet cars in GCC for 2015

  • SEO Friendly Content

    Develop content that is SEO driven and focused on key words that drive traffic to websites in accordance with Google trends.

  • Search Engine Optimized Arabic Content

    Develop Articles for khaleejion Kitchens Develop on-site & off-site Arabic articles with brand matching keywords. Develop Articles for Petite Lady Develop on-site & off-site Arabic articles with brand matching keywords. Develop Articles for Cleanipedia Develop on-site & off-site Arabic articles with brand matching keywords.

  • Contact me

    Mera Horani

    Mobile: 0557628504