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Contents Background and ProductsFeatures and BenefitsCompetitors[Direct/Indirect/Broad]Brand Value Proposition[Promise/Affinity/Bonding/Liking]Brand Awareness/Recognision/RecallBrand Equity [QAAAL]Segmentation/Targeting/PositioningTarget marketing StrategiesPOD/POPConsumer Behavior



Features Specialty coffee selections, Flavors and variety

Regulated and decaffeinated coffee

Auxiliary features like atmosphere,Wi-fi,

Music,Books to read


Customised coffee

Speciality coffe selections:::Starbucks worked directly with growers to purchase green coffee beans, it oversaw the custom-roasting process

Customised coffee: name on coffee mug,coffee as per your choice of falvours


Premium coffee with varietyConsistent, inviting, stimulating environmentIdeal place for meetings

Creating community of premium coffee lovers [MY STARBUCKS IDEA]Sophistication-Best of classMakes me feel importantExtension of lifestyleFree Coffee on birthday

Benefits Functional Benefits Emotional Benefits

Coffee culture: ac,wifi,books to read ,best coffee, musicAmbience provoking coffee cultureConsisting ,invironmentCreating community : they started a community website called my star bucks ideaExtension of lifestyle: third place to home or work


tot CompetitorsDirect competitors

Indirect Competitors

Broad Competitors

Ccd 63% , over 1200 stores,260 CrBarista: 17%-20% ,200 stores,160CrCosta coffee 14%, market share,108 stores,108 Cr

Starbucks 14% market share, 59 stores,95.2 Cr.Ccd 63% market share, over 1200 stores,260 Cr.Barista: 17%-20% market share,200 stores,200 Cr.Costa coffee 14%, market share,108 stores,108 Cr

Direct competitors: Quick service restaurents speciality coffeeIndirect:::chayos,local tea vendors

Broad: mad over donuts, dunkin ,6

live coffee


Customer intimacy Brand Value Proposition

customer intimacy.::: This included simple things such as remembering someones name or drink order,bonding with customersExperience::FortElphinstone building, Horniman Circle,Veer Nariman Road, FortMumbai 400001Timings: 08:00-00:30 hrs (Mon-Sun)


Horizontal integration

Market penetration

Market development

Concentric diversification

Conglomerate diversification

Value chain development Brand Awareness

Brand equity- QAAAL QUALITY * We go where the best beans are:up* Were for the good of all coffee* We nurture deep-rooted relationships* We're very picky at harvest.* We taste - again and again and again.


2) AWARENESS * Starbucks Facebook fan page* Presence on Instagram* MyStarbucks Idea.com3) Asset* Fragrance of coffee beans* Ambience of store4) ASSOSIATION * Coffee and Tea Communities* Local Area Engagement

5) LOYALTYGreat customer experience on the app

Points for grocery product purchases

The physical gold card


Age wise Board of India - Database on Coffee Board of India - Database on Coffee


Metro Cities, Tier 1 Cities ,upscale locations, near offices, and near many college campuses

Employees of corporate houses, busy office goers, coffee lovers,Coffee addicts

Loyal customerPositive attitude

Geographic Psychographic Behavioral

Targeting: MARKET SpecializationEconomyMediumPremium

Target Marketing StrategiesMARKETING MIX STRATEGY Market Concentration

Great tasting coffeeReliabilitySpeedConvenienceCleanlinessAromas of coffee beans

Points-of-parityPoints-of-DifferenceStandard of Quality and FlavorsVaried and Exotic Coffee DrinksCustomizationExperienceCommunity

Consumer BehaviourNeed Recognition :- Energy, Social life, Status

Information Search :- Social groups/ Reference groups, Advertisements, Internet

Evaluation Of Alternatives :- Instant home coffee machines, Competing coffee houses, Other drink options(Tea, Soft Drinks, Water)

Purchase Decision

Post Purchase Decision :- Delight or Dissatisfaction