Startup Branding and Marketing

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<ol><li> 1. Startup Branding &amp; Marketing Sajad Ghanizada | | </li><li> 2. With marketing comes branding Marketing All of this Leads to. DEVELOPING YOUR BRAND </li><li> 3. But you must tell a story Storytelling should be your #1 skill 1. Find places to tell your story 2. Use HARO to become a source 3. Use Muck Rack to identify journalists 4. Build relationships with media 5. Pitch once they know who you are How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup: A Complete Guide </li><li> 4. Create a press page Before pitching and guest posting, create a press kit Include 1. Press email 2. Social media links 3. Team images 4. Product logos 5. Quotes 6. Product screenshots 7. Social proof </li><li> 5. Become an influencer Build your email listSteps 1. Start with a landing page, a blog, and a way to collect emails 2. Create a list of areas where your users are (sites, blogs, forums) 3. Create amazing content and distribute it. People will opt-in to your mailing list. An example of an awesome landing page (subscribe at </li><li> 6. Become an influencer No secret trick: Write amazing content Steps 1. Write extremely useful content that your users care about. 2. Spend 20% of time writing, 80% promoting. 3. Collect emails on your site, blog, email, Slideshare, etc. </li><li> 7. Guest post 1. Identify blogs within your niche 2. Pitch them guest content 3. Write the content (Make sure its amazing) </li><li> 8. Pre-launch | Post-launch Focus on list building Establish influencer status Build media contacts (Tweet, comment, share their posts) Discover strongest growth channel Build lead nurturing emails Execute, measure, iterate Use list to gain early traction Maintain momentum through all other marketing channels Provide the BEST product and support to your customers Everything else will come together. Trust the system. </li><li> 9. Tools of the trade Twitter &amp; Twitter Lists HARO Muck Rack BuzzSumo Mailchimp Google </li><li> 10. References &amp; further reading Do Things That Dont Scale - Paul Graham Summer of Marketing - Marketing course Email1K - List building course The Definitive Guide To Growth Hacking - Neil Patel The Beginners Guide To Online Marketing - Neil Patel </li></ol>