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SXSW 2013

SHOW&SMELLWarren Kronberger The Marketing Store@warrenkronberge

David Polinchock Media Lab Director@polinchock

Heather Gately The Marketing Store@heathergately#SXSMELL

BRAND EXPERIENCES FORALL FIVE SENSESHeather Welcome and introduction of David, WarrenHeather/Brian/Kate wearing T-shirtsDavid/Warren wearing T-shirts and lab coats

Welcome to Show & Smell. How many of you have been to our previous Show & Smell presentations at SXSW?Anyone?

Okay, well, you are in for a treat. We took last year off, and in the past two years, sensory marketing has gotten a boost from new research that centers around embodied cognition the idea that without conscious awareness, our bodily sensations help determine the decisions we make.


Sensory Triggers are missing from most companies marketing spend!

Research shows that our mood will increase up to 46% if exposed to a positive picture

Our mood will increase 23% if exposed to a positive taste

A positive touch increases our mood up to 29%

Our mood will increase up to 65% if exposed to a positive sound

Lastly, our mood will increase up to 75% from a positive smell

1WelcomeSwag/HashtagsBubble VotingShow & SmellSmellTouchHearTasteSeeSixth SenseQ&A#SXSMELL | @warrenkronberge | @polinchock | @heathergately2Bubble ote#SXSMELL #GRAPE #SXSMELL #CHERRY#SXSMELL | @warrenkronberge | @polinchock | @heathergately3In studies, groups exposed to multi-sensory environments always outperform those in uni-sensory environments.

Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School#SXSMELL | @warrenkronberge | @polinchock | @heathergatelySlide include: Miami

4SmellIn an experiment Krishna conducte5

Smell is the only sense that bypasses the thalamus and goes directly to the brain.

Thats right. Lets get #thalamus trending.#SXSMELL | @warrenkronberge | @polinchock | @heathergatelyAradhna Krishna, a leading researcher in the sensory marketing field, and the director of the Sensory Marketing Laboratory at the University of Michigan authored the book Customer Sense: How the 5 senses influence buying behavior. In one example, she found the smell of cinnamon makes a heating pad seem to work better because the senses amplify one another. Cinnamon suggests warmth and in turn enhances a heating pads appeal and apparent effectiveness.

Were hardwired for scent reception.6

Scent marketing industry growing at a 15% rate and a $300M industry.

Ad Age, December 2014#SXSMELL | @warrenkronberge | @polinchock | @heathergately7

Lincoln Motor Company | Ad Age: A study done in 2013 by the Global Journal of Commerce and Management Perspective said that ambient scent has the strongerst impact when it comes to enhancing consumer behavior in terms of emotion, evaluation, willingness to return to a store and purchase intention.

Lincoln Motor Company8

Air Esscentials/Vanilla Chocolate Brownie

AIR ESSCENTIALS | airesscentials.comThe distributed scent industry was born of a need to mask unpleasant scents, such as the smoking areas of a casino. But, what they found was that in areas that were scented, Slot machine receipts increased by 53% in the scented area of a casino. (*Brand Sense / Martin Lindstrom / Free Press 2005).

9Scentee app for phone.

#SXSMELL | @warrenkronberge | @polinchock | @heathergatelySCENTEE | scentee.comFixed fragrances/ multiple scents to come in next generation.


VR SCENT COLLAR | Jacki MorieDavid11Touch12You have more tactile receptors in your little finger than you have in your entire back.#SXSMELL | @warrenkronberge | @polinchock | @heathergatelyIn a recent experiment by researchers at the University of Boulder and Yale, people who held a warm beverage were more likely than people who held a cold one to think that a stranger was friendly. 2014

In a similar example, some beauty products are engineered to generate heat upon application, even though heat isnt necessary to their functioningbut the heat psychologically signals that they are working.

Bertil Hulten, Niklas Broweur, and Marcus Van Dijk: Sensory Marketing. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2009 ( blue papers- Dollars and Sense the Impact of Multi-Sensory marketing)

There are different kinds of touch.13Moto-X/Google

GOOGLE/MOTO-X | Digitas/TheMarketingStore

Warren14MyoMYO |

New Image

David - Myo15

Shinoda Lab | newimage


ERICCSON | ericcson.comJapan capacitants from tomato, onion, triggers farmers voice.

Warren - newimage17



Japan capacitants from tomato, onion, triggers farmers voice.

Warren - newimage18


Talkable vegetables|

Japan capacitants from tomato, onion, triggers farmers voice.

Warren talking vegetables19Sand music/AR

DIY w/ Microsoft Kinect | viralforest.com


20GPS handlebarsHaptic GPS handlebars |

Warren GPS handlebars21

PHORM | Tactus.com

Heather Tactus PHORM


#SXSMELL | @warrenkronberge | @polinchock | @heathergatelyTHINFILM | thinfilm.comThin film - Warren23

Drawing - Handle24

CHEEBOT | themarketingstore.comUsing energy available in environments. As this becomes part of our background, can use as promotional mediumInsert image for patent.

Warren - Minion25hearSlow music creates longer dining times, leading to a 29% increase in the average bill.

#SXSMELL | @warrenkronberge | @polinchock | @heathergatelyMartin Lindstrom, BRAND sense Build Powerful Brands through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound. New York: Free P, 2005 (4imprint Blue Papers 2009)27Mumble

MUMBLE! app | mumble.comMumble - Warren28Spongebob Straw

The Marketing Store | themarketingstore.com

Sponge bob29

NOVALIA | novalia.com

Kate Novalia/Warren30

NOVALIA | novalia.com SpoonScented Spoon |

Warren - Taste33

TONGUE TATTOOS | factoryoffun.comTongue Tattoo - Warren34Edible coffee cupEdible Coffee Cup|

Edible Coffee Cup - Warren35ChefPro 3D printer

Pancake Bot | kickstarter.com

Pancake bot - Heather36ChefPro 3D printer

CHEFJETPRO3D | the-sugar-lab.comChef Jet PRO 3D - David

Heather - brownies37Anyone getting hungry?Heather - brownies38SeePrinted solar cell w/ LED |

Solar table tent with light

Warren Printed Solar Cell

40II-VI Marlow |

SpinnerII-VI Marlow

Marlow thermoelectric spinner41II-VI Marlow |

SpinnerII-VI Marlow

Marlow thermoelectric spinner423D Holograph

DIY | Projection PyramidPeppers Ghost DIY projection pyramid - Warren43Google Cardboard

GOOGLE CARDBOARD | Google Cardboard - 44Mattel Viewmaster

MATTEL/GOOGLE | view-master.comView master speaking of Google, coming up we have something more from Google45

Microsoft | hololens.comHololens - David46Hololens

Microsoft | hololens.com47Sixth senseI see head (bands), people.

MUSE | interaxion.comMuse - David50MOFF |

MOFF - eyetracking

TOBII | tobii.comTobii. Com - David52

(in)Visible Light Communication | disneyresearch.com

David invisibe light communication


(in)Visible Light Communication | disneyresearch.com


(in)Visible Light Communication | disneyresearch.com

David 55Final thoughts

Non-visual brand cues are often reliant on embodied cognition and stronger than we realize.

New technologies allow us toblend digital, physical and the sensory world in new ways.Thank you for attending.Now, take leave of your