Taking Advantage of Local Seo Services

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  1. 1. illillll] Hilllillli ll llllll SH] SEPVIIBS WW 3 lllllill Si" lllllllillly? / Since small companies only serve their particular targeted areas,they must turn to a local SEO company to enhance their online presence within that area and that area only.The company that is providing SEO services most likely knows about the area more than the businesses themselves do.Another reason for local SEO is that people are particular about searching for local businesses via Google and other major search engines. 1 "IE MEBHHIIES Iii lllilill SH] MFIPKBIIHDue to the limited specific scope of local SEO,the mechanics of local SEO marketing are quite different from typical massive-scale SEO marketing.What goes into this kind of marketing is the following:enhancing presence on Google Maps;enhancing presence on Google Places (now rebranded as Google+ Local);a gradual promotion in vertical,or specific,searches within the span of a few months;localized results in Google based on geologically- dependent keywords;guaranteed inclusion in local business listings besides those used by Google. Google has specific guidelines for those who want to take advantage of Google+ Local.The real-world and online business listing title must exactly match.The address must be fully specific;P0 boxes as well as URLs and keywords do not count.Contact details must lead to the actual location and URL of the business and not to a call center or landing page.The category must list the specific type of business,such as a restaurant. Due to Google+ integration,small businesses will be more easily recognized by people in their targeted areas,since the social network has circles of friends who are their regular patrons and thus are their fans on Google+.Furthermore,the integration adds Zagat reviews as well as in-site reviews,both of which will give Google+ users informed choices on where to eat or go to next within their areas of concern. SIIIIIIIIPIIH lllill BIISIIESS SH]As one of the big three search engines,Google goes all out in supporting small local businesses by enhancing their online presence.SEO companies supplant Google's brand with their own brands of location-based content enhancement in the form of local business SEO.This enhancement is a manifestation of what is called geo-marketing.Geo-marketing is heavily dependent on a digital map such as Google Maps to market the target product or service to a particular area on the map. This way,local businesses can no longer worry about spreading too thin. Other things that could help in location-based content enhancement include the following:submitting the site to industry-specific web directories;getting links from competing sites,social media integration;the creation and submission of sitemaps.Many businesses large and small do social media integration as an industry standard today due to the ease of creating social media accounts.Besides Google+,businesses can also take advantage of Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest,Instagram,and YouTube.As these social networks also take advantage of geo- marketing,users of social media no longer need to worry about swimming in pages just to search for establishments in their immediate areas.