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Digital marketing training for Arco

Evaluating Content Marketing ROI

Techniques, tools and the VQVC KPIs to help you prove Content Marketing Effectiveness

Dr Dave ChaffeySmartInsights.comDigital marketing strategy advice

Presented at Technology for Marketing & Advertising, London.Download: #@DaveChaffeyBased on common mistakes I see and opportunities for more sophisticated. Showing examples of good practice.

Start at centre with some of the mistakes, look at social and head offline. Checklist to review your practice. 1


About Dave Chaffey

Consultant and trainer in Digital since 1997Author of 5 bestselling digital marketing booksCEO and Editor of - a marketing advice site with Expert (Pro) members in over 50 countries using our templates, planning guides and online courses to improve results.


#@DaveChaffeyCountering the social media / content marketing backlash!The theory that people want to engage with brands online and share their enthusiasm with their friends and that their friends will share their enthusiasm with other friends through social media channels has turned out to be an infantile fantasy

Source: AdRants#@DaveChaffeyContent marketing Costs!Red Bull now employs approximately 135 people just for their media houseNestls digital editorial team consists of almost 20 community managers and designers producing content every day. Coca-Cola now reportedly spends more money creating its own content than it does on television advertising.Contently: State of Content Marketing 2015#@DaveChaffeyGlobal content marketingat Unilever:$10m in savings withPercolate pilot

Source: Percolate Unilever case study


CMI: Content Marketing in the UK 2015 #@DaveChaffey7How are you evaluating content marketing ROI?Can you measure ROI of: A. Overall investment in content marketing including SEO?B. Content marketing initiatives?C. Individual content assets?#@DaveChaffey

CMI: Content Marketing in the UK 2015 #@DaveChaffey

Should you have One Content Marketing Metric to rule them all?No, but shows three main types of value:1. Organic SEO value2. Conversion value3. Amplification value (social)

See Moz One Metric discussion #@DaveChaffeySo, what should my KPIs cover?VQVC Volume of visits, interactions with audience(by channel) Quality of visits, interactions, i.e. conversion Value of visits, interactions, i.e. revenueCost of content development #@DaveChaffeyROI =(Gain from investment Cost of investment) Cost of investment

See Evaluating Content ROI guide by Stephen Bateman for details#@DaveChaffey7 Essential techniques for PROVINGthe value of contentNeed to review value of blog and social media across the customer lifecycle, i.e. Smart Insights RACE inbound funnel:

1. Dashboards to prove value to colleagues2. Volume - Set up Analytics Segments by channel 3. Page Value e.g. for blog posts4. Revenue per visit e.g. SEO, AdWords, Social5. Attribution e.g. Google Analytics, Kissmetrics6. ROI calculations top level and individual content initiatives7. Tools for showing social media amplification#@DaveChaffey

Create a top-level Dashboard(by media channel / referrer?)Source: Michael Brenner#@DaveChaffey

#@DaveChaffeyn Searches% BrandReachAwarenessand visitsUniquevisitorsBouncerateRevenueper visitPage views/visitActInteractionand leadsnLeads% Conversion to leadGoal valueper visitAverage order valueConvertSales and profitnSales% Conversion to saleSales valuen BrandmentionsEngageLoyalty and advocacy% active customers% Customerconversion% existing sales value VolumeQuality ValueCreating a simplified RACE dashboardSource: Smart Insights: RACE Planning FrameworkSegment and attribute for content types and channels#@DaveChaffey16

Buffer Open Real Time Dashboard#@DaveChaffeySegment your audience in Google Analytics(Advanced) Segments = Powerful!Isolate one type of audience / promotion to show their contributionVisits to blog prompting saleNew visits to blogSEO prompted visitsSmartphone visits

#@DaveChaffey18Search and Email FAR more important than social for most retailers

Source: Smart Insights blogForrester: Facebook and Twitter Do Almost Nothing for Sales#@DaveChaffeySee the Ad Contrarian Bob Hoffmann: 19

Source: Smart Insights: Content Distribution Matrix#@DaveChaffeyUse assisted conversionsGA Multichannel funnels

Source: Design Damage#@DaveChaffey

#@DaveChaffeyUse Buzzsumo, Socialcrawlytics to show which content gets shared?

Smart Insights: Content sharing tools#@DaveChaffeyBut shares and visits dont show business value23POE: SUMMARY #@DaveChaffey

#@DaveChaffeyLets Connect! Questions & discussion welcomeon Stand H10 or SmartInsights.comFree, Basic member toolsManaging Digital Marketing 2014 reportManaging Customer Experiences 2014 reportSample planning templatesPlanning Premium, Expert member learning7 Step Guides to all digital marketingDIY Planning and optimisation templates in Word, Excel and Personal Discount! DAVESAVE20

Presented at Technology for Marketing & Advertising, LondonDownload: #@DaveChaffey


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