Ways to increase traffic to a website

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Ways to increase traffic to a website.


  • 1.Muhammad Arshad Parande SEO Research Analyst/Keyword Selector/Web Marketing/Google Marketing/Social Media Marketing

2. Ways to increase traffic to a website 3. The graphs speak louder than words 4. But, it pretty much boiled down to the following 5. Find keywords Pretend youre a customer for your own service. Which keywords will you search for? Find out what keywords your competitors are using. Some good tools for this are SpyFu,Alexa, and OpenSiteExplorer. Selecting the keywords that you should target is more of an art than a science and will require enough customer feedback to give you an intuition as to how ready to buy customers will be who are searching for certain terms. 6. Find keywords Search for the keywords you are targeting and see how you stack up against the competition. Only choose keywords that you think you can actually rank highly for. You must look for weak competition. Weak pages usually doesnt have the keyword in the title, is from a untrustworthy domain, or the content doesnt exactly relate to your keyword. Strong pages include easily recognizable brands/domains, keyword optimized landing pages, and pages with great content / social validation (articles with lots of tweets/shares). 7. Optimize site for keywords If possible, start by putting keywords in the name of your business or in the url of your site Tailor your title and description of your pages to contain these keywords. Dont be overzealous, as Google can sense when content is too stuffed with keywords, so sprinkle them into your content so that it is still easy to understand as a customer and doesnt look spammy. For keywords that are very valuable to your business, build landing pages that target those keywords specifically and then build backlinks to them to push those pages as high as possible in the ranking for those keywords 8. Set up and commit to a long-term strategy Start a blog for your business, but keep in mind that your blog should be catered to your audience! And put some effort into your content! Great examples of company blogs include SproutSocial Insights, SEOMozs blog, and the Mint blog. These companies are doing it right! Other ways of generating backlinks are getting press, guest blogging, and conducting webinars. If youre a regional business, closely track your regional competitors rankings and keyword targeting efforts. For regional keywords, you dont have to be the best Indian restaurant in the world, just the best one in town 9. If youre interested in working together, or just want to say Hi find me on:@arshdparandeMuhammad Arshad parandeArshd ParandeEmail:parandearshad@gmail.com