What is Apple Passbook?

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Learn more about Apple’s Mobile Wallet, Passbook. Information provided will describe; what it is, how to distribute passes. and the anatomy of a pass

Text of What is Apple Passbook?

  • 1.What is Apples Passbook App? By Rich Eicher, Skycore LLC August 2013

2. About SkycoreSkycore LLC 3. What is codeREADr? 4. What is Passbook? 5. What is a Pass? 6. Are Passes Supported on Android? 7. There are many Pass layouts and typesGeneric PassBoarding PassCoupon PassEvent Ticket PassStore Card Pass 8. How do Passes work with Passbook? 9. WHAT MAKES UP A PASS?9 10. The Header 11. Importance of the Header Field PassbookPassWallet 12. The Primary/Secondary Fields 13. The Barcode 1Aztec o2QR Code o3PDF417 o123 14. The Barcode 15. Back Field o o o o o 16. Important Back Field Uses 17. Meta Data 18. Location Based Alerts 19. Why Passbook Matters? 20. Passbook Distribution 21. Passbook Validation + Update 22. Passbook Validation + Marketing 23. What to look for in a Pass Vendor? Pass creation o Pass distribution o Pass management o Data Security o23 24. QUESTIONS?24 25. 25