What nuclear warheads can teach you about content marketing

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This presentation explains why making yourself vulnerable is the key to connecting with your audience, building trust with them and building a long term relationship with them.


  • 1. WhatNuclearBombs Can Teach You About Building Trust With Your Audience... and other takeaways from Authority Intensive 2014 David Melamed

2. IRegretToInformYouThatSantaClauseIs Gone. 3. Of Humorless Content The Copy Paste Days Are No More! 4. Must Be Sorely Missed And Your Content You When You Are Gone! 5. Authority Requires Trust 6. Ninja? Guru? Expert? Doesn't Matter... TRUST All That Matters Is... 7. How Do You Build Trust? Use The Nuclear Warhead Affect! 8. Arm YourAudience Witha NuclearWarhead 9. Crazy Be Vulnerable Expose Your Weakness Give Them Leverage Over You! 10. When They Have Nuclear Warheads (i.e. Your Vulnerability) Pointing At You...Why Wouldn't They Trust You? 11. ShareYourself Connect On an Emotional Level Take The First Step! Be Authentic 12. See How Easy Presentations AreToMake?! 13. Turn YourBlogPosts Into Every Type of Media You Can! 14. This Took Me 20Min. To Make! 15. I Learned About Canva & Repurposing Conent at Authority Intensive 2014 I Used Canva.com No, Im not a designer...