What's the right Marketing Automation platform for my business?

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Marketing automation is changing how marketers do business, and recent acquisitions (Silverpop by IBM, Eloqua by Oracle) shows that secret is out. But how do you choose one from the growing list of providers? In this deck we will cover the three questions you must ask: 1. What are you going to automate? 2. Who is going to do the work? 3. How much will you spend? We will also cover which platforms are best for B2B and B2C, which require more advanced marketers, and what obstacles you must address in your organization to succeed with marketing automation.


  • 1. What's the right Marketing Automation platform for my business? Brian Rants Director of Marketing & Business Development

2. What is Marketing Automation? Self-activating communications triggered by user behaviors and built on integrated sales and marketing platforms PDF Download Website Visit Automated email oers demo Lead Alert! 3. Why Marketing Automation? 50% of leads are qualied, but not ready to buy. Only 25% of leads are legitimate and should proceed to sales.GLEANSTER RESEARCH 4. Get more for less Companies that excel at nurturing leads generate more leads at a lower cost 50% More Leads 33% Lower Cost AT FORRESTER RESEARCH 5. Go big Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads Nurtured Non- nurtured THE ANNUITAS GROUP 6. Despite the data Je Ernst of Forrester estimates ONLY ABOUT 5% OF MARKETERS utilize full-featured Marketing Automation 7. Looking for a leg up? This is your lucky day. 8. In the comments section Do you have any experience with sending or receiving automated emails? Examples: Airline inviting you to upgrade seat After youve downloaded a white paper, you are oered another one you might like 9. How do I choose a platform? The answer lies in asking 3 questions! 10. 3 Key Questions 1. What are you going to automate? 2. Who is going to do the work? 3. How much will you spend? 11. Marketing Automation Iron Triangle These three are connected.Each one aects the other. WHAT WHOHOW 12. WHAT are you going to automate? 13. Examples of WHAT to automate B2B: Web landing pages, Email, Direct mail, Social media, Lead scoring, Lead alerts B2C: Ecommerce, Cart abandon, Email, Social media, Mobile app, SMS, Point of sale 14. WHAT you automate affects: WHO you will need to integrate and automate HOW much youll spend to get the features you need 15. WHO is going to do the work? 16. WHO is going to do the work? Many companies aspire to doing it themselves.While admirable, stop and ask yourself: Do we have the training to architect, setup and deploy MA campaigns? Do we have the bandwidth to take this on, or is it just another entry on a full to-do list? 17. WHO is going to do the work? Who you choose to do the work aects: WHAT you will have the capability and practical capacity to automate HOW much youll spend for a platform that matches your abilities and capacity 18. WHO will fuel " the machine? Marketing Automation creates a powerful multi-channel machine that needs fuel to run 19. Great content is the fuel WHO will create the content for your marketing automation campaigns? 20. Now back to you! Has your company or agency struggled with content creation? How have you overcome that obstacle? 21. HOW much will you spend? 22. HOW much will you spend? Notice I ended with this question! WHAT you want to automate drives how powerful a platform you need, and WHO is needed to run it. Those are your primary cost drivers. 23. HOW much will you spend? A car can sit out front and drip oil for free! To make the machine go, plan to spend 2-3 times the platform cost (and often more). This includes content, reporting and analysis, new campaigns, integrations and more. 24. So which platform is right for me? Its rarely good vs. bad, but about looking for a good t vs. a bad t. MAP Marketing Automation Platform 25. Criteria for choosing platforms Silverpop, Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, & Pardot are the platforms I encounter most Up and coming local favorites Net-Results up and coming SMB challenger from Colorado, where my rm has HQ Act-On a leader in technology industry and based locally here in Beaverton 26. Platform snapshot: Act-On Mid-market B2B platform Early innovator for mobile Renowned support A younger company/ecosystem 27. Platform snapshot: Eloqua Enterprise B2B platform Tight integration with Oracle Best of class feature set Requires a skilled user Hefty price tag, and obviously caters to Oracle products 28. Platform snapshot: HubSpot Streamlined SMB platform; also has a native CMS Does what it does well: simple B2B marketing automation Truly tiered pricing, but entry level is feature-limited 29. Platform snapshot: Marketo Mature B2B platform Excellent user and expert community Strong analytics and reporting Mobile: no SMS or location based marketing 30. Platform snapshot: Net-Results B2B platform for SMB Rated highly by its users Strong value No professional services; utilize partner agencies for support 31. Platform snapshot: Pardot Excellent integrations with AdWords and Webinar tools Solid ROI reporting Changes coming: In the process of natively integration with Salesforce 32. Platform snapshot: Silverpop Integrates and tracks across web, email, mobile & social Strength: universal behaviors Excellent feature set vs cost UI getting needed updates Requires advanced marketer 33. Snapshot: Cost vs Target Client SMBMid-Market $ $$$ Enterprise 34. If youre worried about a platform being: Too complex to operate, go with: Enterprise level in its feature set, go with: 35. If you are focused on: B2B MarketingB2C Marketing Why so few options? CRM driven MAPs struggle to adapt to B2C data structures Ecommerce platforms provide some tracking & automation The line is blurring (B2B/B2C) 36. Brians Champions SMB Mid-Market B2C B2B 37. Resources for comparing Its challenging to get apples to apples comparisons, but these two reports will help: InfoTech Research Group: Vendor Landscape: Lead Management Automation Digital Marketing Depot: B2B Marketing Automation Platforms 2014: A Buyers Guide SiriusDecisions: 2014 Marketing Automation Report 38. In the comments What marketing automation platforms do you have experience with? What was one positive and one negative about the platform? 39. Obstacles to Marketing Automation Success These are drawn from experience, and from Digital Marketing Depots B2B Marketing Automation Platforms 2014: A Buyers Guide 40. Capable vs Available IF your IT department is capable, but are they arent available for timely marketing support THEN you must either choose a very basic platform you can learn, or hire an agency for integration and setup. 41. Hope isnt a strategy IF you hope to be involved in content creation, but cannot quickly and consistently produce THEN you should hire or contract content planning and producing. Its too important. 42. Data matters IF you have poor quality data, and/or it is in silos THEN you will struggle to automate relevant, timely, personalized responses to clients RESEARCH 32% limited by lack of data infrastructure to collect/analyze Digital Marketing Depot 43. Get aligned IF your sales and marketing teams are at odds THEN marketing automation is an opportunity (but not a silver bullet) for getting aligned RESEARCH 32% limited by lack of sales & marketing integration Digital Marketing Depot 44. How quickly things change By the time you read this an acquisition has probably happened, or a new dynamic feature released 45. Try before you buy Before you have pressing deadlines, setup demos and spend some time test-driving 2-3 platforms 46. I work for coffee and donuts Im happy to present this deck to your marketing team and be available for Q&A brian.rants@dmxengage.com