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Young Marketers Marathon Social campaign for Vinacafe

[Young Marketers Marathon - Elite Assignment] Hoang Tthach - Hoang Lan

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  1. 1. Analyzing Context 70% young people agree with negative feedback of foreigners about Vietnam 23% young people fell uncomfortable to introduce themselves as Vietnamese National pride is fading away Vinacafe is the brand of authentic coffee, represent Vietnamese authentic and timeless values, they want to launch a campaign to wake national pride up and connect young people with traditional value. Motivate the national pride by inspiring the competitive spirit, especially in business. Demonstrate an adaptation of a foreign brand by understanding local behaviors (nhp gia ty tc) In comparision
  2. 2. ANALYZING CUSTOMER Aged 18 25, class ABC+ Lived in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi Often consumption of coffee, average 3 tiimes / week OBVIOUS BEHAVIORS Try to find every successful people that have Vietnamese blood and easily admire them, even when Vietnam has no contribution to their succeed. Claim to be Vietnamese and comment as much as possible to invade famous fanpages and express crazily their appearance.
  3. 3. When asked: Why do you love your idol? When asked: Why do you love Vietnam? V ngi y c gu thi trang rt cht, mnh c th hc hi n mc snh iu v p hn hng ngy. Result from a minor survey by Google Docs on 4/2014 m nhc ca ngi rt si ng, tnh gii tr cao, gip mnh th gin sau khi hc tp hoc lm vic cng thng. Cch ngi vn ln v thnh cng trong cuc sng rt truyn cm hng, mnh ly lm tm gng cho chnh mnh mi khi gp kh khn. V mnh l ngi Vit Nam m. Hehe. V Vit Nam c lch s anh hng, nh thng nhiu nc ln, c lp t do n ngy nay. Thc ra mnh cng khng r l do na, ch yu vy thi. V y l T quc, ni chn rau ct rn ca mnh. # Fact: When someone says bad things about their idols: # Fact: When someone says bad things about Vietnam:
  4. 4. CUSTOMER JOURNEY What they say? Why they say? What they do? Why they do? I love Vietnam Because they are Vietnamese and of course, they love their Motherland. The foreigners have certain reasons to criticize (bad behaviors of some Vietnamese) but Vietnamese young people dont have enough strong and certain reasons to love their country. They easily agree and feel ashamed about their country whenever has negative comments from foreigners
  5. 5. I agree with the critics to my country. Its not because I dont love it. My love for Vietnam is always there, criticizing is just a reaction to express my confusion on finding the reason to love my country. Everything which is said to be national pride: traditional heritage, half-blood successful people, economic numbers is so strange for me. I need more familiar things to be the base of my love. INSIGHT
  6. 6. Coffee Keywords: Inspire, Connect, Sharing Vinacafe Brand Keywords: Authentic, Original taste Customer Needs: A life-related reason to love Choosing reason: We will choose to amplify the Humanity Heritage because it is life- related and easy to spread out. Historic Heritage Buildings, Music, Cuisine. Humanity Heritage Kindness, Love, Generous, Friendly Authentic Humanity Heritage: Kindness In many years, we have been concentrating too much on the heroic side of Vietnamese on war times. However, we have forgot the Kindness. Vietnamese is always ready to host a stranger, to forgive an enemy and to accept a new culture. Wars are over, now it is time for peace, time for celebrating the kindness.
  7. 7. A KIND VIETNAM Are you lost in our country? Just knock a door, and we will show you the way. Are you from a strange culture, with different look? Just come, we will welcome you. Are you looking for a help? Just speak it out, we will help you. Vietnamese are kind people. Just like aroma of authentic coffee, kind people often dont speak too loud. They just silently contribute kindness to life. You can not see it. Just feel it. BIG IDEA
  8. 8. Who Youngsters aged 18 25 YO What Interactive social content When & where Every time, every where Why They need/ want to update information constantly How smart device, smart phone Communication touch point We choose Mobile Facebook and Youtube as our campaign touch point. Supported by SEO and social media.
  9. 9. KPI Measurement tracking OBJECTIVE Achieving awareness campaign 70% of the target audience and attracting the participation of 20,000 young people. 1 Connecting youth with the true values, the value of "timeless" in Vietnam, thereby evoking confidence, awaken the spirit of pride in the nation, to inspire young people to become ambassador - introduce a positive image of Vietnam to international friends and be inspired by Vinacaf brand. 2 Reinforcing value & brand equity (brand equity & value) - a heritage coffee brand of Vinacaf, a essence brand of Vietnamese coffee with the original flavor from 1968, but contemporary, can connect with the young people. 3 Increase the level of top-of-mind (TOM) Vinacaf for young people up to 70%, increased sales in Hanoi, HCM & up 30% on last campaign through converting competitors consumers into Vinacafs. 4 Sales. Number of articles. The number of times appear the messages in the media to the public. The number of participants in each campaign.
  10. 10. Are you sophisticated enough to realize beautiful kindness from your daily life? Celebrate the kindness of Vietnam Lets be kind Strategy: Motivate customer to find, to celebrate and finally, to be the treasure.
  11. 11. CONCEPT A kind Vietnam Phase Awareness Engagement Amplification Key message Are you sophisticated enough to realize beautiful kindness from your daily life? Celebrate the Kindness of Vietnam Lets be kind Key hook Vietnamese in your eyes Challenge photo contest with is for both foreigners and Vietnamese From North to South 45 real life stories of Vietnamese Kindness Facebook photo serie and Youtube reality serie Beautiful Vietnamese fanpage the place to share your beautiful behaviors Beautiful Vietnamese Station Information Budget 10 billion VN 12 billion VN 3 billion VN Consumer need Brand Role An authentic reason to be the base for their love. Amplify the kindness of Vietnamese: Not so loud, but so meaningful Deployment plan
  12. 12. AWAKENESS ARE YOU SOPHISTICATED ENOUGH TO REALIZE BEAUTIFUL KINDNESS FROM YOUR DAILY LIFE? OBJECTIVE Creating a comparison of Vietnam in the eyes of foreigners and Vietnamese. => Creates challenges in Vietnam's mind Are Vietnamese people as sophisticated as a foreigner to see the real kindness of us. CONTENT VIETNAMESE IN YOUR EYES PHOTO CONTEST Target: Foreigners & Vietnamese CHANNEL Fanpage Vinacaf Photographic Magazine Online News Mobile
  13. 13. ENGAGEMENT CELEBRATE THE KINDNESS OF VIETNAM OBJECTIVE CONTENT LOOK, VISUALIZE AND CELEBRATE REAL LIFE STORIES OF KINDNESS CHANNEL Facebook Youtube Newpapers Form a team to look for 45 stories of kindness all around Vietnam. At the same time, set up a hotline and a Facebook landing page for customer to provide information about stories. Those stories will be illustrated by coffee-related images and make into a short film on Youtube. 2 days / a episode.
  14. 14. AMPLIFICATION LETS BE KIND OBJECTIVE Create a place where young people can find or share the everyday kindness of them - which is the enhancement of a forgotten national heritage. Online platform is the fanpage and Photovoice exhibition the offline platform. CONTENT BE KIND EVERYDAY FANPAGE the place to share your beautiful and kind behaviors BEAUTIFUL VIETNAMESE PHOTOVOICE EXHIBITION happen every quarter in 1 year, the stories will be chosen from the fanpage. CHANNEL Facebook On Ground