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2014 - Mobile Apps for your Restaurant

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  1. 1. DO YOU HAVE A MOBILEMARKETING STRATEGYFOR YOUR RESTAURANT?MOBE // MOBILE APPS // MOBILE WEBSITES // MapPing // VIRTUAL TOURS5:29 PM 100%5:29 PM 100% 5:29 PM 100%Our mobile apps are created based on your business needs. With our in-housedevelopment team, 529 Mobile can provide enterprise level native applicationdevelopment. Whether you want to sell an app to a client or get one for your owncompany, call us today with the full scope of what you are trying to accomplishand we will consult with you to put together an app that you can monetize!216.282.4(APP) 4277 // [email protected]9APPS.COM // 529MOBILE.COM
  2. 2. FEATURES AND BENEFITSLOYALTYPROGRAMSGenerate repeatbusiness with customerloyalty programs.MOBILE FOODORDERINGAllow customers to orderfood on the go. Foodordering widget included toembed on your website.PUSHNOTIFICATIONSInform customerson business eventsand specials.TIPCALCULATORHelp customers quicklycalculate a tip amount fora dinner party.AND MUCH MORE+ One-Touch Calling and GPS Directions+ Robust Analytics+ Social Media Integration+ Mobile Payments+ 3rd Party Integrations+ Event Schedule+ Image Gallery+ MapPing (Geo-Fencing)MOBILE STATISTICSSaw an increase in newbusiness activity due to theirmobile marketing efforts.84% Somewhat or strongly agreed that"Mobile Marketing is key to my smallbusiness growth in the next 5 years". 69%MOBe CODE529 Mobile is pleased to present MOBe, built with emerging businesses in mind. MOBe is aphysical code that will allow you to deliver dynamic content to your smart mobile clients.MOBe can provide a new and exciting way for citizens & consumers to interact with you, yourbrand, your community and your products. Using a MOBe Code (QR Codes) in promotionalactivities can help widen your promotional campaigns reach, streamline processes for entry andfulfillment, and reduce or eliminate some printing costs.With a single MOBe you will be able to deliver social media, websites, contact info, documents,pictures, videos, virtual tours, directions, forms, or any other web enabled service. MOBe is thepersonal cloud platform for your mobile customer experience.SCAN THE CODE TOEXPLORE MOBe216.282.4(APP) 4277 // [email protected] // 529MOBILE.COM
  3. 3. CONTENT MANAGEMENTOUR C2 FORMULA. DEVELOPING A COMMUNITY CONNECTION (C2)SOCIAL POINTOur social media team will create for you a successful socialpresence in your community across every major social channel.1st & 2ndQUARTER3rd & 4thQUARTERMOBILE POINTOur App technology allows our clients to get mobile, take controland grow social with customized App solution for their business.COMMUNITY POINTOur Whole Community Approach is a means by which smallbusinesses and residents can connect through mobile applications.Our 52-Week Community Content Mobile Media Roadmap and management service provides the following information,technology & communication needed for the creation of your Community Content Mobile Media Roadmap and SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures):Information TechnologyCreation of the Community Content Mobile Media Roadmap SOP and the setup of the community content profile and mediachannels.1. Organized 52-Week spreadsheet with 3-5 mobile media content tactics.2. Mobile App, Video and Virtual Tour management SOP and strategies.3. SEO (search engine optimization) management SOP with outside blogs, websites and Apps.4. Social Media Management SOP to ensure blog, website and apps are connected to social media networks(i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slideshare, etc.)CommunicationManage & facilitate content creation and calendar of event tracking and messaging over all mobile/social media channels(Including Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Content Marketing meetings to include open office hours.)PRICING PACKAGES CONTACTPREMIUMMobile App and MOBe Code$4,000One-time design and development fee$99/mMonthly support and hosting feeULTIMATEMobile App, MOBe Code and 24 monthsof Content Management$500One-time design and development fee$250/mMonthly support, management and hosting fee*24 Month ContractJENNY KOVACHYMobile Media Managerc. 440.376.4776e. [email protected]

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