8 Hidden Features of iOS 8

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8 Hidden Features of iOS 8

Safari features

Safari on iOS 8 uses the camera to scan credit card numbers into websitesWill make entering online payment information much faster

Safari Credit Card Scanning

Battery usageUsers will be able to view which apps are using the most power, for better battery managementFeature is similar to OSX Mavericks battery app usage meterBattery usage stats by app

Photos featuresUsers can hide new images and videos from the Moments, Collections and Years sections in the Photos appNew sections for recently added/deleted photos

Hide new images, find old ones

New camera settingsTime lapse feature composes multiple images into one series New exposure settings can be changed before a picture is takeniPad gets panoramic feature 3 and 10 second timer for camera

Same camera, new options

Siri updatesSay Hey Siri" while an iOS device is plugged in to activate the virtual assistantSiri can now access the App Store and download apps for usersReal-time display of user questions

Siri gets smarter

Lock screen appsiOS 8 will bring location-based apps to the lock screen, even ones that arent downloaded yetExample: When arriving at Starbucks, the companys app will appear at the bottom left hand corner Location based apps on lock screen

iPhone calls can be placed over a Wi-Fi network, saving both minutes and dataT-Mobiles already announced it will support iPhone Wi-Fi calling for iOS 8Wi-Fi Calling

Auto-delete messagesUsers can schedule texts to be auto-deleted after 30 days or one yearNo more deleting old messages

One Stock Poised to Benefit from Wearable TechApple isnt the only one gearing up for the wearable tech revolution...

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