Basic tips to create awesome mobile app designs

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Basic Tips To Create Awesome Mobile App Designs

Designing an app, especially your first app, is really a difficult task.

You want it to be ground-breaking yet simple, attractive yet not overdone, functional yet beautiful.

You have got a lot of things to balance and losing that ultimately puts the design and the app in jeopardy.

Here is how you can design an interactive app that neither bores an experienced users nor overwhelms a novice.

Goal-Oriented DesignCertainly your app is targeted at some part of human race. It has a certain group of people as audiences and the design should show it.

You want the design to be for that particular user. Focussing on your niche is better than targeting on a larger group and focussing on none.

Create surveys, research the market and your users. This will help you filter and create specific goals for your app and tailor it as per the needs of your niche.

Usable DesignWhats the point of adding a new feature to the app that does nothing for it but to make it beautiful or ugly even?

Every function you decide to add to the app has to have a certain use. If the app can do equally good without the background music, drop it. If it is better off without the excessive text, remove it.

Users will stick around using your app only if they find it easy to do so. Your product has to be useful and good-looking!

Predictable DesignsIts better you keep the guess work out of your apps design if you do not wish to frustrate and ward off users.

You want the users to instinctively know the functions and how to go about using the app without having to explain the obvious.

This is where tested and used design patterns come in handy.

Specific apps follow specific design trends and you too better stick to those for your app type.

Do not experiment!

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