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This is a pitch deck by Chura Limited at Our solution aims at allowing interoperability of the different mobile network operators. Our services are converting Airtime 4 Cash,Switch Airtime which allows converting airtime from one service provider to another eg from Safaricom to Orange,Buy Airtime which allows buying of airtime using any mobile money in Kenya for example you can buy Orange airtime using Safaricom M-pesa platform and Bulk Airtime which allows sending of airtime to many phone numbers in different networks at once.


<ul><li> 1. Presented by: Samuel NjugunaCHURA </li></ul> <p> 2. The Current Situation:Network ANetwork BMobile subscriberInferior inter-network service delivery 3. BUY AIRTIMEBULK AIRTIMEAIRTIME FOR CASHSWITCH AIRTIMEOur Solution 4. The Market*GSMA Intelligence report.350MSubscribers@ 2 SIMcards*AFRICAASIAINDIA70MSubscribers@ 2 SIMcardsINDONESIA@ 3 SIMcards 5. Direct1.Retail airtime vendorsIndirect1.The Mobile Service Providers.2.SIM porting.Competitors analysis 6. Our advantagesEco-friendlyAirtime at any amount.Online and via SMS 24/7 7. Product overviewSMSMobile and Desktop Web 8. 1. Usage fee2. Sale of airtimeHow we make money1. An advertising platform2. Licensing our technology.Currently:Potential Avenues: 9. In 6 months300Repeat UsersKsh. 1.4 Million Airtime5000+ Transactions700Unique Users300Repeat Users 10. Growth Strategy2800550Social MediaoNewspaper FeaturesoEmail MarketingUser ReferralUser EducationPublic Relations 11. Samuel NjugunaBusiness AnalystStephanie GakuNjogu KinyanjuiUser Interface &amp; GraphicsOur teamJack KingaByron SitawaUI/UXCustomer CareSystem AnalystLead Developer 12. Projections1June, 2014; 850 transactions/ monthFeb, 2015; 12,000 transactions/monthProfitability PointJune, 2015 13. So...CHURASTRATEGICPARTNERSBETTERWORLD 14. ContactChura</p>