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#TGI_MoMo - MobIleMonday - Connecting Things with the Digital World - Raphael Podselver, Business Development Germany - "A successful Drive to store case with mobile coupons

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2. 22 FROM STREET FURNITURE TO DIGITAL SERVICES. Personal Contextual Local 3. 3 Tap to: Engage O F F E R D I S C O V E RY C O N T E X T UA L C O N T E N T FA C E B O O K T W I T T E R YO U T U B E C O U P O N A C Q U I S I T I O N O F F E R D I S C O V E RY C O U P O N R E D E M P T I O N AT P O S Store O F F E R D I S C O V E RY P L AY E RS E N R O L L M E N T W I N N E RS N OT I F I C AT I O N Play 4. 4 CASE : BARCELONA - MCDONALDS 4 3 different coupons depending on daytime (Morning, Afternoon, Night) 5. 5 User taps the NFC acquisition tag with his Smartphone during Period #1 STEP 1: USER TAPS THE ACQUISITION TAG 5 6. 6 User taps the NFC validation tag with his Smartphone during Period #1 STEP 2: USER TAPS THE VALIDATION TAG 6 Animated zone to avoid screenshots 7. 7 CONNECTING SHOPS : MAPPY, PARIS Web to store mechanism 200.000 QR & NFC Tags Indoor panoramic imagery Information about the shop 8. 8 RAPHAEL PODSELVER BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DEUTSCHLAND RAPHAEL.PODSELVER@CONNECTHINGS.COM M: + 49 0 15 16 404 1117 WWW.CONNECTHINGS.COM CONTAC T CONFIDENTIAL Connecthings