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Features of iOS 8

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  • 1. Features of iOS 8 Image courtesy: Apple

2. iOS 8 is highly focused on health. This health app track all the records and monitor heart rate and fitness activities. Health Image courtesy: Apple 3. Image courtesy: Apple Family sharing feature makes it easy for six people in your family to share each other's iTunes app purchases. Family Sharing Image courtesy: Apple 4. This keyboard include "direct six dot input" feature. It makes it easier for blind users to navigate their smartphones. New Keyboard Image courtesy: Apple 5. iCloud Photo Library give users access to all of their photos and videos across devices. You can adjust image and every adjustment and effect is automatically updated across users' devices. iCloud Photo Library Image courtesy: Apple 6. Now iOS 8 combined a ability to send audio and video messages to your friends. With audio, theyre effortless: usually open a review and lift a phone to your ear to start recording. Messages upgrade Image courtesy: Apple 7. Apple took fingerprint reading mainstream with the TouchID sensor in the iPhone 5S. In iOS 8, it's going to open up that level of convenience to developers, who can let a user unlock any password stored in their keychain by placing their finger on the reader. TouchID for Apps Image courtesy: Apple 8. Apple has announced new Siri features for its iOS 8 mobile operating system, including the ability to analyze and identify songs automatically with recognition powered by Shazam. New Siri features Image courtesy: Apple 9. The other improvement Apple announced for iCloud was iCloud Drive, a Dropbox- like service for storing documents in the cloud. iCloud Drive Image courtesy: Apple 10. Online Reference Just click and Get quick reference about iOS 8 11. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.

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