How to create an app and start earning money in 7 days

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Proof #1 - More than 100,000 installs on the start!

Proof #2 - $381.05 in 7 Days!

Dear Friend,

If youve ever thought about creating your own mobile App, or wondered what it would be like to make $500, $1,000, even $10,000! a month then this might be the most important letter youve ever read!

In the paragraphs below I am going to do something that nobody has ever done Im going to show you a revolutionary system for creating killer Apps, and Im going to prove that it works!

If you create a simple App and it gives you $15.00 every day, that would give you $450.00 a month extra income! And this money will come in whether youre at the beach, on a golf course, or in a coma for that matter.

How to Create an App and Start Earning Money in 7 Days

A step-by-step blueprint for creating massively successful Apps over and over and over.

Why you dont need to spend years becoming an expert to make expert money with Apps.

How to have your App downloaded a million times

How to keep an App in constant Use

Ways to earn money with a free App

What Apps are users looking for

Examples of highly successful Apps and guide to create them

How to create your own Angry Birds and Facebook App

How to get millions of downloads with a silly App

How to name your million-dollar App

How to market your App and spend ZERO on marketing!

How to publish a killer App and get paid for the rest of your life!

How to get your App to the Top of the Apps Stores

A Super secret to getting more App downloads!

How to rightly price your App

Ways to make money from a network of Apps

How to create an App empire

Why Do You Think the Top App Developers Use This Secret System All the Time?

#1. Its Easy! They can create a killer App with little or no effort. These guys didnt make millions by doing everything the hard way and you wont either.

#2. Its Fast! They can produce a killer App with little or no time. When a top developer wants to publish an App, this is how they do it.

#3. Theres No Risk! If you dont put any money in you cant lose any. The reason why the most successful developers use this system is that even if it fails, you lose a couple hours of time and ZERO money! Youd be crazy not to try a system like that!

#4. It Works! Some of the top Apps today were created using this secret technique. Even if your idea stinks, you cannot fail. You will make money, Guaranteed!

Your No Questions Asked, 100% Money-Back

60 Days Guarantee

I insist that you order this book entirely at my risk. Thats why it comes with a No Questions Asked, 100% Money- Back-60 Days Guarantee.

If you're not 100% convinced that How to Create an App and Start Earning Money in 7 Days will put tons of cold, hard cash in your pocket, then simply tell us, and you'll be issued a prompt and courteous refund.

Dont wait! Order your copy of How to Create an App and Start Earning Money in 7 Days so you can be on your way to joining the elite group of millionaire App developers using this system today!

To Your Incredible Success,


P.S. Dont delay! Remember, I am only guaranteeing the $150.00 of bonuses to the first 50 customers!

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How You Can Create an App and Start Earning Money