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<ol><li> 1. [Something to watch while you eat lunch] </li><li> 2. Getting the most from mobile tools Judd Slivka @juddslivka Reynolds Journalism Institute Mobile Multipliers (prepared for the ASNE Reynolds Journalism Institute High School Journalism Institute) July 17, 2014 </li><li> 3. [Less cost = more participation] Canon 5d Mk III: $3,300 Manfrotto Tripod: $150 MacBookPro 15": $2,000 Sennheiser wireless mic: $600 BeachTek preamp: $439 1 year Adobe Creative Cloud:$600 Total cost: $7,089 5-year amortized cost: $1,898 per year 128GB iPad Mini: $700 iOgrapher mount: $70 Manfrotto tripod: $150 Sennheiser wireless mic: $600 Lens kit: $150 iRig Pro pre-amp: $150 Apps: $100 Total cost: $1,920 Traditional Kit Mobile Tools Kit 5-year amortized cost: $384 per year </li><li> 4. [Kitting up] </li><li> 5. [The things we carry: Hardware] Sennheiser Evolution 112p wireless mic w/ lav and hand mic transmitter Rode Reporter Mic iRig pre-amp BeastGrip mount 2x telephoto, .45 macro/wide combo iOgrapher mount Manfrotto SuperClamp w/ double-ball head Mophie PowerStation XL Genaray 36 LED light w/arm TRSS Y-cable </li><li> 6. [What our students use] 2x telephoto lens .45 wide-angle/macro lens combo 30 watt-equivalent LED Corded stick mic Tablet frame Pre-amp </li><li> 7. [Its a Swiss Army knife] Easy to repurpose apps Allows us to quickly generate touchless content </li><li> 8. [Cotton Candy Content] Mobile tools let us extend the brand through quickly generated content Quick-to-social multimedia updates Unique content packages </li><li> 9. [Width, not depth, wins the day] [ThingLink] [Steller] [Storehouse][360 Panorama] </li><li> 10. [The 3sssss of mobile challenge] Sound: The native mic is awful and susceptible to both floor and handling noise Sensor: The sensor handles light badly and theres an exaggerated exposure gap Stability: The platform is too light for the shooter to effectively self-stabilize </li><li> 11. [Sound workarounds] Good: Use an app like FiLMiC Pro ($4.99) that allows level monitoring and a wired hand mic that connects to a TRRS splitter and goes into the headphone jack. Better: Use the app plus an iRig Pre ($40) that serves as a pre-amp, providing power and an XLR input to the phone. Best: Use the app plus the iRig Pro ($150), a pre-amp that also converts the mics analog signal to digital. </li><li> 12. [Light workarounds] Good: Slavishly obey the 180-degree rule of lighting (if the light is touching the videographers shoulders, its all good) Better: Use the phones LED or a phone-mounted light to fill shadows (but be careful of it being too strong) Best: Use an accessory light or reflector to light from the side </li><li> 13. [Stability workarounds] Good: Make the world your tripod. Use wall leans, tables, shelves, etc., to stablize Better: Use a phone frame with hand grips, such as the BeastGrip or the iOgrapher Best: Use a phone frame and a tripod </li><li> 14. [The things we carry: Apps] [Video] [Audio] [Photo] [Storytelling] Shoot: FilMiC Pro Edit:Pinnacle Studio Enrich: GifferPro Gather: VoiceRecorderPro Edit: Twisted Wave Mix: Voddio Shoot: Camera+ Edit: SnapSeed Enrich: 360 Panorama iPhone: Steller iPad: Storehouse ThingLink Type A ChartMaker Pro </li><li> 15. [Resources] MobileVideoDIY app Twitter personalities: @glenbmulcahy, @marcsettle, @robbmontgomery Book: A field guide to mobile journalism, Vol. 1 Teach-the-teacher training: </li><li> 16. [Questions?] </li></ol>