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PhonePartsUSA carry replacement parts of almost every mobile phone. The quality of the parts is great and available in lowest price.


<ul><li> PhonePartsUSA The Biggest Mobile Phone Wholesaler </li> <li> What We Offer We offer a wide variety of mobile phone repair parts. We carry our own stock and can handle bulk orders. Repair parts of following mobile phone brands are available: 1. Apple 2. Nokia 3. HTC 4. Samsung 5. LG 6. Motorola 7. Blackberry 8. Huawei </li> <li> What Parts We Carry We carry almost every part of every mobile phone brand listed in the previous slide. 1. Replacement LCDs 2. Replacement housings 3. Replacement flex cables 4. Replacement batteries 5. Mobile phone cases and covers 6. Chargers and cables 7. And much more! </li> <li> For More Information... Fore more information you can visit our website at </li> </ul>