Social networking applications on android

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Social Networking Applications on Android

Social Networking Applications on Android


When you are using an android mobile or tablet social networking applications must be present on your device.

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, we chat, line and many more are a part of social networking applications.

Now you can download all these applications from the play store and install in your android devices.

At present you can use all these apps on PC too. It is possible with the help of blue stacks or you wave only.

This gives you a chance to use all the android apps on your PC or laptop also.

Such a tremendous change over has come to android that all are now moving from Apple, Windows, Linux to android phones because of its efficiency and variety of applications.

Huge numbers of applications are available in the play store that is absolutely free.

Free of cost Clash of clans hack tool is the main reason why people attract towards android that provides.

Not only have that, quality mattered the most besides some other factors.

Now let us see few social networking apps that are available in the play store and downloaded by many all around the world.


I have now words to explain about this app. Since every one might be using this app every now and then past 6-8 years, you might well know about this app.

I am giving a short description about this app for the strangers.

This app gives you a chance to connect to your friends all over the world and gives you the option to chat with them.

Also includes video calling, sharing few moments with your loved ones by posting on your timeline and many more.

As we all know that Facebook hired Whatsapp recently by giving fulsome amount.

So you can understand the craze of Facebook and its importance in social networking.


Yet another social networking app on android that is buzzing all around.

This will give you a chance to know whom you like the most and who like you the most.

It is equally important to build your profile stronger to create buzz in the people regarding you.

Just after the release of Facebook, Click here Twitter came with a unique idea to connect and follow the people you like.


It is a messenger that allows you contact your closed ones.

It automatically grabs the contact numbers saved on your mobile phone and adds all of them those who are using this app.

You can send messages, stickers, voice messages, images, jokes and many more to you closest ones in the list.

So use these apps to be active as a social citizen of the country.

Help all the people around the world with some unique works through these apps.

Besides these you can also have some fun with your friends too.




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