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Automate testing


  • 1. Scaleqa One stop testing solution for mobile and desktop websites.

2. Pain point Mobile websites work differently in different environments Currently companies test their websites manually in different mobiles and tablets Testing on real devices are both expensive and labor intensive 3. Motivation 4. Our solution Our product records the actions when user tests his website on his tablet/desktop We then create tests out of it, play back on any mobile or desktop environments It is like thousands of testers testing your website on multiple environments in parallel. 5. Uniqueness There is no such a solution for mobile websites currently We can playback their actions on more than 50 mobile and desktop environments Our technology is generic enough to extend to nativa apps also 6. Market response Given that there is no setup cost involved, most of the companies we spoke to were more than interested to try out It would also be a great tool to freelance testers who are more than few hundered thousands in number 7. Improvements We can extend our technology to native apps which has a market size of $27 billion in 2013 Our product can note down the page load times, break it down to individual rest calls and separate the culprit http call in case of higher page load times