Abc world literacy project action plan

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ABC World Literacy Project Action Plan


<ul><li> 1. ABC World Literacy Program Proposal Flow Chart ABC WLP STRENGTHENING CHANGING THE ENVIRONMENT REALIZING PROGRAMS ORGANIZATIONAL VISION Program Committee en- PUBLIC POLICY sures mission compliance &amp; high quality, culturally There will be more sensitive care for public/private, revenues community needs PUBLIC available to ABC WLP from OPINION Federal State/Private or local VISION IT Committee sources. ABC Literacy will effectively utilizes The welfare have the structure on-line and Mobile and success Third-party reimbursement will and capacity needed platform ABC WLP - of men, more adequately cover ABC to pro-vide sustained technology to programs are women, Public &amp; Private WLP cost of providing leadership for arts , boost programs financially families, will Policy-makers services. environment &amp; career stable. be enhanced education program will perceive by the high employability via ABC WLP as capacity building in community out- A greater percentage of ABC quality social the community. It an integral support reach to enhance component to WLP participants will develops five sector and maintain the successfully integrate into ABC WLP services partnerships among: effect decade provided by viability of by decade men- community &amp; careers programs are -Public program activities. the ABC WLP toring continu- replicated, -Private programs -Nonprofit/faith-based um for optimal ABC WLP will link participants hosted, in career success to healing &amp; spiritual com- various other -Academic Finance and &amp; and quality of munity resources, educational communities. Development life for children, -Media entities Committees adds and work opportunities youth and chart of accts. families Budgets, invoices. ABC WLP will utilize Funding sources participants skills to develop a social enterprise business awareness </li> </ul>