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African american contributions

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This was my first presentation to make and it was on contributions of variou s African Americans to the music we have today. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED

Text of African american contributions

  • 1. Dr. Bernice JohnsonReagonOctober 14th1942

2. LIFE AND EDUCATIONWent to Albany state university in 1959. she was active in NAACP(National association for the advancement of colored people) aswell as the SNCC (Student non violent Coordinating committee)Later on joined Spellman university after she was expelled .In 1975, she got a Ph. D from Howarduniversity. 3. ContributionsShe was a member of the Freedom singersIn 1973 she founded the Sweet Honey and the Rockgroup where she sang with them until she retired.This group express their history as women of colorthrough song, dance, and sign language. 4. Scott Joplin1967/1968? 5. LIFEScott was a composer and pianist who was born in North Texas.He got his training from Julius WeissHe worked as a laborer with the railroad before he quit to traveland perform.He performed in South America as well as in Chicago at theWorlds fair of 1893. 6. ContributionsHe composed 44 original ragtime pieces as well asmusicals.One of his works, the entertainer was used in academyaward winning movie the sting and has become popularin many parts of the world. maple leaf rag was alos a great hit of his. great contribution to ragtime gave him the position ofKing of ragtime music as well as a Pulitzer prize. 7. bibliography1. http://www.bernicejohnsonreagon.com3.