All quiet on the western front

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<ul><li> 1. All Quiet on the Western Front: Chapter 3 Hanna Oosterveen, Gabriella LeMarquand </li></ul> <p> 2. Summary * The chapter is mainly comprised of discussions between soldiers and Pauls memories A group of new, young recruits arrive to fill the spots of the deceased soldiers At mealtime, Katczinsky gives a new recruit some beans he got by bribing the companys cook Paul recounts other examples of Katczinskys resourcefulness When he found a burnt out shelter + horse meat for supper 3. Paul and his comrade friends think back to the barracks with longing Everything seems better when compared to actual war The men discuss the uselessness of training when they reach the front lines The men talk about Himmelstoss and how Kat believes that hes only cruel because hes taking advantage of the power that was given to him 4. Tjaden discovers that Himmelstoss will be coming to the front with them and informs the others Paul recounts how Himmelstoss attempted to break Tjaden of his habit of wetting the bed Paul, Tjaden, Haie, and Kropp have their revenge on Himmelstoss 5. Characters Paul Narrator, kind hearted Katczinsky Pauls best friend, unbelievably resourceful Himmelstoss Cruel training officer who abuses his power 6. Tjaden A friend of Pauls who has a lot of bitterness towards Himmelstoss Haie A friend of Pauls Kropp Very analytical of the war (intelligent) 7. Themes The Corrupting Effects of Power Himmelstosss cruelty Uniform=power tripping Animalism Himmelstoss = dog the boys barbarically attack Himmelstoss Brutality of War Barracks and Himmelstosss cruel antics seem more than pleasant when compared to actual war Camaraderie 8. Literary Techniques Tone Tone is bitter and depressing when describing war however lighter and happier when recounting pleasant memories Allegory Man is comparable to a dog when given the opportunity to have power man is essentially a beast 9. Extra Important Bits Kat believes that if every soldier got the same food and the same pay, the war would end quickly Give em all the same grub and all the same pay and the war would be over and done in a day. Kropp proposes that the declaration of wars should be conducted like a festival. The generals and national leaders should battle one another with clubs in an open arenathe country with the last survivor wins the war. Wrong people do the fighting 10. When the boys beat Himmelstoss, this is an example of the strive for power. This moment proves that atrocities occur because of the need for someone to have power over the other. * Basically, in this chapter, characters become more developed so that the reader forms a connection with them. 11. Quiz 12. Activity Why do you think war causes people to adopt animalistic behaviors? 13. Thank you! </p>


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