Analysis Of Our Magazine Cover

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Text of Analysis Of Our Magazine Cover

Red design- continues the motif- conotates the idea of love, blood and passion. Maintains intertextuality between the video and also the digipack

Earring - typical attire of the genre

Graffiti writing gives an urban and street feel. Typical of the genre

Also promoting other brands such as iTunes where the track can be downloaded and HMV where it can be bought

The connotation of the advert is that she is holding on to him physically and emotionally which shows that the album is evidently personal and about his emotions and feeling in relation to this female.

Tattoo is typical of the genre but also represent his religious beliefs

Side facing- he is not directly addressing the audience or the female holding on to him which may give the idea that he is in an emotional limbo.

The fact that he is topless gives the idea that he is laid bare and that this is his true self which is reflected in the album. It also links with the video as there is a scene where he is putting on clothes which give the idea that he is putting on his defences. It also relates to the digipack as there are pictures of him laid bare. Just like the colour red, it is almost a motif and a running theme amongst our other texts.