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TEAM is the UKs leading supplier of carbon and energy management solutions. With over 500 customers in the UK and worldwide we specialise in energy management software, outsourced energy management services and energy consultancy. Team (51 of 106) TEAM consistently produces energy savings that exceed the cost of our services and products. Founded in 1985 by Managing Director Paul Martin, TEAM has customers from all sectors including Commerce, Industry and Government. Our solutions are used across the globe, from Europe and Australasia, to America and Russia. In March 2010 TEAM achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation based on using an innovative paperless quality and environmental management system. TEAMs Managing Director is a council member of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) and an active member of their Metering & Monitoring Group. Since 1988 we have been holding an annual User Group Conference to meet with customers and for the past 6 years each spring we have also been organising a series of regional support groups. These events allow TEAM to gain valuable feedback for future system and service enhancements and update customers with latest developments at the company and in the world of energy management. TEAM is committed through its Environmental Policy to continually improve environmental performance and support a culture of environmental awareness. Discover more at


  • 1. Energy Auditing Agency Ltd (TEAM)An Introduction to TEAM SigmaPete MorrellSales ManagerEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions

2. About TEAM 80+ staff in Milton Keynes Established in 1985 Over 450 Customers (UK & Overseas) Worldwide sales Governments preferred Bureau EnergyService provider eBilling Software- 5 UtilitiesLeading Utility Software & Bureau Services ProviderEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 3. Example CustomersEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 4. How TEAM can assist youImprove Your EnergyefficiencyComply With EnergyRegulations & StandardsReport CorporateEnvironmentalPerformanceReduce Your CarbonFootprintRecover Costs FromBilling ErrorsEnergy Services Energy Surveys Flexible Energy Management Carbon Foot Printing Carbon ReductionMetering Arrangements forRHI RHI Application Support Feasibility Reports AMR & Smart Metering DEC & EPC Compliance Greenhouse Gas Reporting Training- EnergyManagement, RHI, HeatMetering & RenewablesReduce Operational CostsCommitment Independent Report on.Software Sigma Energy Monitoring &Targeting (M&T) software End to End Electronic Billing Financial Reporting Consumption Reporting Emissions Reporting Exception Reporting Advanced Waste Analysis CRC Management DEC Production Project Tracking + M&V Greenhouse Gas ReportingTenant Billing Web Dashboards Hosted Services Wiki E-billing Software forUtilitiesBureau Utility Bill Validation & CostRecovery Database Management End to end Electronic Billing Financial Reporting Consumption Reporting Emissions Reporting Benchmarking & ExceptionReporting Web Reporting Energy ProcurementCertificatesHow TEAM can assist youEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 5. TEAM Sigma SoftwareDataInputSigNetfor BureauBillView BasicReportsDashboardAnalysisFullReportingBill EntryBudgetingSite OverviewTenantBillingCRCPerformance M&T ToolsOverviewsDECProjectTrackingGHG ReportingOptionalModulesWeb DashboardAccountsLinkBBCQuery Man.EventsSigmaBrowser Interface Core ProductEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 6. Data available for Energy ManagementData loggersRadioModemGSM & SMSMains borne SignallingPaper BillsEDI ElectronicBillsOther dataproviders i.e.MOP, DC, DADisplayEnergyCertificatesFinance, PropertyDatabasesSpreadsheets Building EnergySelf readManagement SystemsEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 7. Sigma Software OutputsBill Validation and Checking Bulk Bill Auto Checking Query management Bill validation, contractcomparison Cost recovery logEnergy Management Benchmarking Exception ReportingFinancial Reporting Budgeting Forecasting Accruals Cost CentreApportioningEnergy Analysis Regression Analysis Building Energy Signatures Degree Data AnalysisProject Monitoring Measurement, Reporting, Verification What if Scenario Modelling CUSUM Savings Tracking IPMVPCompliance Carbon Reduction Commitment Display Energy Certificates Greenhouse Gas ReportingDashboard Digital Signage Intranet Web SiteCarbon Management Green Gas Protocol Annual Carbon FootprintProcurement Tender Compilation Site / meter listings Consumption / Profit listingsEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 8. TEAM Sigma - Sigma DashboardEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 9. TEAM Sigma Utility Bill Management Paper & Electronic Bill Entry Manual Meter Read Entry Over 200 reports for Cost Energy & Emissions Bill/Cost Analysis Accruals Budgets/Targeting Consumption Data Quality Compliance/Emission reports BrowsingEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 10. Sigma Bulk Bill Checker (BBC) Imports Supplier Electronic Billing Data Loads EDI Bills in seconds Eliminates Manual Data Entry/Keying Errors Dozens of checks on every bill Exception reports Frees up staff time Secure EDI accredited by GS1 UK Speeds Up Bill Turnaround/Payment Time Reduces processing cost by 8 per billEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 11. Accounts Link Automatic Loading into Accounts Payable System Eliminates Manual Data Entry/Keying Errors Speeds Up Bill Turnaround Time Reduces unnecessary duplication Standardises the transaction format regardless of sourcedata (e-invoicing or paper, electricity/gas/water) Can also be used to raise invoices or recharge internalclients through cost codes Importing of payment filesEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 12. eBilling - Reduced Admin CostsPaymentvia BACSAccountsSystemSigmaMail ManagerUtilityMailManagerEDI fileSigma BBCSigma EAAccounts LinkAutomaticdata inputAutomaticdata outputAutomaticdata inputSigmaQueryMgtSystemEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 13. TEAM Sigma Half hourly Data Manages High Frequency Data Imports data from over 50 sources Suppliers HH data Data Loggers BEMS (most major systems) Automated M&T tools Comprehensive Reporting Specialist HF Reports Exception reports DECs CRC ManagementEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 14. Free Data Collection InterfacesEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 15. TEAM Sigma - ReportingEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 16. TEAM Sigma - ReportingEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 17. HHD/AMR Exception Reporting Track Performance Proactive Waste detection Saves Time Setting Targets dont set them too tightCoventry House Total HHD ElectricityShowing exceptions when comparing each half-hourto average from previous 4 weeksEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 18. TEAM SigmaException reporting & Advanced M&T ToolsException Reporting Regression TargetsCUSUM Control ChartsEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 19. WIKI 50001What is BS EN 16001? Represents best practice in energy management Helps businesses to establish the systems andprocesses to improve energy efficiency Useful for all types and sizes of organisations Feeds into work on the future international standard forenergy ISO 50001 Applies to any organisation that wishes to: Improve energy performance in a systematic way Establish, implement, maintain and improve anenergy management system Ensure that it conforms with its stated energypolicy Seek certification of its energy managementsystem by an external organisation Make a self-evaluation and self-declaration ofconformance with the standardWhat ISO 50001 will do Assist organisations in making better use of their existingenergy consuming assets Create transparency and facilitate communication on themanagement of energy resources Promote energy management best practices Assist facilities in evaluating the implementation of newenergy-efficient technologies Provide a framework for promoting energy efficiency Facilitate energy management improvements for GHGemission reduction projects Allow integration with other organisational managementsystems.Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 20. Utility Suppliers use TEAM Sigma EDIElectronic Data Interchange software Bespoke software supplied to utility companies for EDIservices to their customers Converts Billing System Outputs into EDI messages. Fully compliant with open standards such asTRADACOM protocol. (xml coming) HMRC Approved audit trailSupplierBilling System Sigma Sigma (Customer)Source EDI MessageFileEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 21. Sigma Tenant Billing System We worked with a large organisation who are utilising thison their new development in London. The ability to generate electronic and/or paper bills. Share utility costs across cost centres, tenants,departments or buildings You can show on the system who has paid and whatsoutstanding. Can link to Accounts Receivable SystemEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 22. Sigma - CRC Software Specifically Designed to Assist with CRC Management Uses Data already held within the Sigma database Aids Selection of Supplies for Inclusion/What If? Registration Consumption Modelling to Aid Calculation of Allowances Tracking of Actual Emissions vs Allowances Purchased Financial Risk Analysis Annual Report Footprint Report Serves as Evidence pack (presented to EA)Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 23. Sigma GHG Reporting Module Greenhouse Gas Reporting Module Recording of all consumption data and reporting on the basis of tCO2e Calculate the total Carbon Footprint using Greenhouse Gas (GHG)Protocol Scopes 1, 2 and 3Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 24. Sigma Project Tracking Module Project Tracking Module Records information about energy and carbon saving projects Determine savings of energy, carbon emissions and cost againstbaseline data Monitoring on-going performanceEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 25. Sigma Project Tracking Module Coming Soon Project Evaluation Provides Financial Evaluation of Proposed Projects Assess and identify a series of projects and select the projectscenario to be implemented - short, medium and long term. Determine savings in terms of: Energy; CO2; Cost. Determine project costs and obtain financial calculations: Payback Period (PB); Net Present Value (NPV); Internal Rate of Return (IRR); and Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC).Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 26. API Application Programming Interface Framework to allow remote access of data and process functions in theTEAM Sigma System Enables sharing of data between Sigma and Third Party Systems (e.g.Asset Management Systems/Financial Systems etc).Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 27. BENEFITS Reassurance of qualified, professional, ITengineers. Managed secure, uninterrupted100% uptime Increased system speeds and userproductivity Reduced reliance on local or outsourced ITsupport resources Eliminates restrictions introduced byalternative system environments Rapid system diagnosis and fault rectification Access Sigma in the field and offsiteHosted ServicesFEATURES Hosted by IS09001 & ISO27001 CertifiedCollocation Service Providers High Specification Hardware Software updates included Optimum Setup for Sigma installations Accessible to TEAM support engineers Access data from outside of corporate networksA fully functional Sigma software system,constantly monitored for performance anddata integrity. accessible 24/7 on secure,high specification hardware.Hosted services has removed the hassleof running the hardware,I can get on with the real job of savingenergy!.Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 28. Support Services Standard Maintenance & Support Annual Software Upgrades Help Desk Webex Remote Assistance Online Tutorial Videos On-line Support Specialist Training Local Focus Groups User Group Conferences Input to Product Development Regular NewslettersRegional SupportGroupsEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 29. WEBEX TrainingTraining AvailableAccruals & Forecasting (Intermediate)Budgets (Intermediate)Bulk Bill CheckerCost DefinitionsCUSUM (Advanced)Data QualityDatabase HealthcheckDegree DaysEmissionsExceptions (Advanced)Floor AreasIntro to ReportsMonitoring PointsPopulating your CRC Evidence PackQuery ManagementQuick ReportsRegression Analysis (Advanced)Reporting (Intermediate)SchedulerSupply PointsUsing Sigma for Monitoring & Targeting (Intermediate)Utility Specific Modules (USMs)ValidatorsWhy use WEBEXFeatures BenefitsInstant support sessions Minimise travel and costly on-sitesupport servicesIncrease first-callresolution, decrease timeto resolutionImprove productivity and customersatisfaction by solving issues moreeffectivelyWorks across firewalls Troubleshoot and diagnosesystems around the world fasterYou initiate the connection You witness our activities youstay in controlWork directly on remotecustomer desktopsAccelerate diagnosis and problem-solvingReliable and secureremote accessNo new software or hardware isrequired, making this service easyto implementSmall pre-defined trainingsessionsFor customers with busy schedulesthat cannot afford a day out of theofficeEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 30. Premium Support Standard Maintenance & Support plus Single Point of Contact Weekly Conference Calls Agreed Service Level Agreement Agreed Response Times Software UpdatesPremiumSupportRegional SupportGroupsRemoteSupportEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 31. Web DashboardEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 32. TEAM Browser ProductsEnergyManagementTeamBuildingManagersPublic orBuildingOccupantsNo. of UsersSoftwareSigmaBrowserInterfaceWebDashboardEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 33. Wider Reporting - Web Dashboard HomepageEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 34. Wider Reporting - Web Dashboard MapZoom into MapEach Building is colour codedbased on the performanceSelect a building and navigateto the Site OverviewEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 35. Wider Reporting - Web Dashboard Site OverviewShare details ofenergy saving inthis buildingHighlight the current performanceof this buildingHelp users to understand whenenergy is used in this building Show year on year changes inofficial building rating via DECEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 36. Why Use TEAM? Value For Money Partnership Experience InnovationEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions 37. Thank youContactTEAM Pete Morrellpmorrell@teamenergy.comTel: 07739 575869www.teamenergy.comutility management solutions