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  • 1. Olivia Lyons A2 Media Advanced Portfolio F: Evaluation Question 2 Evaluation Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? As well as creating the finished product, which was the newspaper front cover and second page, I also created two ancillary texts; a newspaper billboard and a radio advertisement. Finished Product Ancillary 1: Newspaper Billboard

2. Olivia Lyons A2 Media Advanced Portfolio F: Evaluation Question 2 Prior to creating the ancillary texts, I explored and researched real media texts, annotating the conventions used in order to help me with the success of making my own. Researching Real Media Texts: Throughout the making of my finished product I ensured I referred back to ancillary 1 to make sure the house style was consistent, for example, that I had used the same font and colours in my newspaper that I had used on my billboard. I used a simple layout on my newspaper billboard in order to portray the simple layout that would be used in my newspaper. This indirectly addresses to the audience the style of the newspaper and its content. For example, the ancillary texts are to the point with no distraction from what they are advertising. I feel I have also incorporated this in to my finished product as the headlines/images and stories are to the point and provide the news in the most simplest but effective form. I also ensured I used the same fonts in order to keep consistency which also allows the audience to recognise the relation between the billboard and the finished product. The masthead is present on both my main product and ancillary 1, and on both texts is large in size and stands out from everything else. This also ensures consistency between the two texts. The newspaper slogan also features in all three texts and therefore provides synergy. At the time of designing my newspaper billboard I felt that using bright colours would make the text look eye catching and appealing to the audience and would therefore capture their attention, hopefully making them then want to read the newspaper that was being advertised. However, reflecting on my work, I feel that using these colours breaks the consistency of the house style across the combination of the products. If I was to repeat this 3. Olivia Lyons A2 Media Advanced Portfolio F: Evaluation Question 2 task, and create my ancillary 1 again I would make a minor adjustment and change the colour of the text to red, as this colour is used in my finished product. Overall, I believe my ancillary texts represent my finished media product and are successful in portraying a local newspaper.