Fight Stress with Relaxation Techniques

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Stress is one of the major reasons so many people are suffering from chronic problems in our daily lives. Fatigue, depression, illness, and discontentment in life are all signs that we are not in tune with our highest divine potential.


  • 1. Fight Stress with Relaxation TechniquesStress is one of the major reasons so many people are suffering from chronic problems in our daily lives.Fatigue, depression, illness, and discontentment in life are all signs that we are not in tune with ourhighest divine potential. Extended periods of stress can lead to even more serious health problemseffecting not only emotions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, but as well as physical ailments suchas autoimmunity, glandular, and circulation problems.To bring these conditions back into balance it requires one to be in tune with their inner god voice. Evenif you were to seek professional help from a medical doctor if that is what is needed, you should stilllook within for the true source of the problem. The best way to be in tune with god is by letting go andfollow simple relaxation techniques on a daily basis such as meditation, yoga, and prayer.Meditation has been around for as long as human civilization and for good reason its the fastest andmost preferred relaxation technique to fight stress for billions of people. Meditation can be as simple asclosing your eyes for at least 11 minutes and bringing your attention to an "attentional anchor" such asbreathing. Now begin to notice what is distracting you and allow yourself to let go of these distractions;and when you are done bring yourself back to the "attentional anchor".What you just did is an example of mindfulness meditation and studies have shown this techniques tobe very effective to balance emotions and increase satisfaction in life. Daily Mindfulness exercises willhelp your concentration and focus improve in many ways. Additionally by tuning into god you can accessyour power to co-create reality and manifest your desires through the law of attraction.Another way mindfulness exercises can help you is through deep even breathing. This can help calm thenervous system and engage your higher brain activity. Now watch your thoughts as though you werewatching a movie. You should feel somewhat detached from the experience. Feel free to let your mindwander from topic to topic all the while breathing evenly.Another great relaxation technique that you can practice no matter where you are involves deepbreathing. Begin by placing one hand just above your belt line, and the other on your chest, right overthe breastbone. You can use your hands as a simple biofeedback device. Your hands will tell you whatpart of your body, and what muscles, you are using to breathe.Now open your mouth and gently sigh, as if someone had just told you something really annoying. Asyou do, let your shoulders and the muscles of your upper body relax, down, with the exhale. The pointof the sigh is not to completely empty your lungs. Its just to relax the muscles of your upper body.Close your mouth and pause for a few seconds. Keep your mouth closed and inhale slowly through yournose by pushing your stomach out. The movement of your stomach precedes the inhalation by just thetiniest fraction of a second, because its this motion which is pulling the air in. When youve inhaled asmuch air as you can comfortably (without throwing your upper body into it), just stop. Youre finishedwith that inhale.

2. Pause. How long? You decide. Im not going to give you a specific count, because everybody counts at adifferent rate, and everybody has different size lungs. Pause briefly for whatever time feels comfortable.However, be aware that when you breathe this way, you are taking larger breaths than youre used to.For this reason, its necessary to breathe more slowly than youre used to. If you breathe at the samerate you use with your small, shallow breaths, you will probably feel a little lightheaded from overbreathing, and it might make you yawn. Neither is harmful. Theyre just signals to slow down. Followthem! Open your mouth. Exhale through your mouth by pulling your belly in. Pause. Then repeat asneeded.Another way to integrate yourself is through Christian spiritual healing. The bible tells us A mans spiritsustains him in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear? Proverbs 18:14 NIV. But to let go of thetrauma, sadness, and the triggers of your health aliments you must first learn to love yourself as youwould want others to love you. Then you must gain knowledge so that you can fulfill the law, The heartof the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out. Prov 18:15 NIV.The kingdom of god is within, through prayer and meditation the Holy Spirit can give you the answersyou seek. Through the power of Christian spiritual healing, you can maintain a healthy state of mindand body and be in tune to follow the path god has for us in our lives.To learn more about the Neo Meditation Cube and free weekly Neo Meditations with James Rink pleasevisit his website at