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  • 1. The Ouster of Mubarak in EgyptAklile WodajoENGL 403 Sec. 2Spring 2013

2. Hosni Mubarak 3. Protesters 4. Women and young adults 5. Slogans 6. Police officers 7. Celebration at Tahir Square 8. Database and Newspapers Proquest database on WSU online Library New York Times and Daily News Egypt 10 newspaper resources 5 from each newspaper 9. Keywords Egypt Government President Power Mubarak Ouster Protest Youth Muslims Social network 10. Coverage of the Two NewspapersNew York Times Military of Egypt Mubarak cosntrol of themilitary US involvement in theEgyptian regime US Influence on PresidentMubarakDaily News Egypt Focus on protesters and theopposition leaders The beginning movementstarted Mostly young adults andwomen Social media 11. ConclusionSimilarities Opposition leaders Mubaraks negotiation withthe people and leaders Protesters role to oust thepresidentDifferences Social media coverage The military involvement The Muslim brotherhood Transitional government 12. Reasons the two newspapers weredifferent New York Times tried to cover the news inglobal aspect Daily News Egypt focused in the local news