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This slide show contains images that i believe are acceptable for my school magazine cover.


<ul><li> 1. Images for my School MagazineCover. By Greg Latham</li></ul> <p> 2. This picture is in my opinion the best to use for my school cover. It is quite genuine, andthe child is the right age I want to aim my magazine at. You can see that he is doing workas he has a pen in his hand, and is writing. It meets everything I wanted in the essay about how I wanted my cover image to be. 3. This one would be my second choice, the only thing I dont like about it is that the child doesnt look like hes overly happy. It is also quite a blurry photo. I could try edit this photo, however I still think it would be second best to the first photo. 4. I dont like this photo at all. The childs smile is over the top, and it is actually quite creepy. I wouldnt like that smile on the front cover of my magazine. It would giveoff the wrong impression of my magazine, people would be put off my magazine if I chose this picture. 5. This photo is a good one, it shows the child working, and also enjoying the activity he is doing. The only thing that is wrong with this photo is that he isnt looking towards thecamera. I thought at first this might seem better, as it seems as if the child doesnt knowI am there and is genuinely enjoying his work, and not just smiling for the camera. However, I prefer the first photo to this.</p>