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Text of Iran's latest updates

  • 1. AIMTo brief offrs about Iran updates for the months of Jul and Aug 20132

2. SEQ Internal Devs Intl Devs Nuc issueEco sit Def forces 3 3. 4 4. INTERNAL DEVs Changes in Guardian Council Change of Presidency New Iranian Cabinet5 5. 6 6. INTL DEVs Iran US relations Enactment of sanctions Sanctions on Oil Exports Msl threat Nuc Iran prevention act 7 7. INTL DEVs Syrian crises Geneva conference Suspected chemical attks Possible US air strikes against Syria Russian sp for Syria Irans wng8 8. INTL DEVs Iran India relations Mutual coop Iranian ambassadors address Oil ship detained9 9. INTL DEVs Iran-Afghanistan relations Bilateral ties MoU on security coop10 10. INTL DEVs Pak- Iran relations Non-paper on gas pipeline Pakistans air space violation11 11. 12 12. NUC ISSUE Iranian stance New chief of Iranian nuc org IAEA qtly report13 13. 14 14. ECO SIT Iran - India trade Chabahar port Up-gradation of chabahar port Oil payments in rupees Sovereign guarantee for Iranian oil 15 15. 16 16. DEF FORCES Up-gradation of S-200 AD msl New IRGC Naval Trg Centre Ex Sustainable Security-92 Anti Piracy Ptls17 17. 18 18. 19