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<ul><li>1.Reboot Citizen Media:Mobile ReportingMarc Barto@marc_in_londonDigital Shoreditch 2013</li></ul> <p>2. Mobile Reporting?Be your own mediaUsing only your smartphone or tablet 3. Video reporting has changed... 4. WHERE IS THE INSTAGRAMAPP ON THIS THING?Now 5. These digital skills were first createdfor citizen journalists, NGOs andcampaigners on the ground to reportthe news around them. 6. Now local councils, entrepreneurs andbrands are asking how they can getthese skills for themselves and fortheir audience. 7. Why do we needmobile video for? 8. Why do we needmobile video for?It is not about video...It is about the conversation aroundthe video 9. Video is still the most powerful content tocreate online conversation around yourcampaign, brand or product.A video shall be designed as a call toaction:- Register / Donate / Sign a petition / Buy/ Promote... 10. And...- we are too busy for video-editing- in a 24/7 news cycle, videos need tobe uploaded right away- Social media time is NOW not later 11. How does it work? 12. When the people formerly knownas the audience use the tools theynow have to inform one anotherCitizen Journalism?Professor Jay RosenDepartment of JournalismNew York University 13. First to upload Size matters Security No EditWhy report with a mobile phone? 14. Random acts of journalismWhy we dont like(most) citizen videos- Wobbly cam- Bad sound- poor storytelling 15. Visual storytelling 16. Random acts of journalismWhy we dont like(most) citizen videos- Wobbly cam- Bad sound- poor storytelling 17. How to interview? 18. 19. Interview equipment 20. Which Microphone? Depends on your budget(from 10 to...) Choose a battery powered microphonewith 3.5mm minijack plug (standard) 21. Adaptor: Depends on the model of phone you have But usually really cheap 22. For Iphone: Easiest choice is iRig, includesboth mic and adaptor Cheap (35) 23. Battery fully charged Phone storage space available Cables (data cable, phone charger) Video host account configured foruploadHuge check-list 24. Keep your video short! 25. Youtube attention span About 10% of viewers clicking away after 10 seconds and53% after one minute 26. GET IT SEENA few things you should do before sharingyour video.Distribution 27. Upload tips Catchy title Dont forget the tags! Add a clear description(the 5 Ws) Links 28. Thank you!More us:info@mobilereporter.orgTwitter:@marc_in_london </p>