Retractions, Peer Review, and Transparency

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Talk at UC Davis "Publish or Perish" conference, 2/13/14

Text of Retractions, Peer Review, and Transparency

  • Retractions, Peer Review, and Transparency ICIS University of California, Davis February 13, 2014 Ivan Oransky Co-Founder, Retraction Watch @ivanoransky
  • Is This Science Today?
  • Retractions on the Rise
  • Most Retractions Due to Misconduct PNAS online October 1, 2012
  • How Long Do Retractions Take?
  • Puzzling Policies
  • The Rise of Post-Publication Peer Review It does however have several examples of image reuse which might be of interest to PubPeer members and readers.
  • hESCs in Cell
  • hESCs in Cell A number of comments about these errors in articles and blogs have drawn connections to the speed of the peer review process for this paper. Given the broad interest, importance, anticipated scrutiny of the claims of the paper and the preeminence of the reviewers, we have no reason to doubt the thoroughness or rigor of the review process.
  • hESCs in Cell The comparatively rapid turnaround for this paper can be attributed to the fact that the reviewers graciously agreed to prioritize attention to reviewing this paper in a timely way. It is a misrepresentation to equate slow peer review with thoroughness or rigor or to use timely peer review as a justification for sloppiness in manuscript preparation.
  • The Rise of Post-Publication Peer Review
  • Scientists Value Transparency
  • More Retractions: A Good Thing?
  • One Way To Avoid Retractions
  • Contact Info @ivanoransky Thanks to Nancy Lapid, Reuters Health