Tapping into QR Codes

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FAME (Florida Association of Media in Education) 2011 conference, Orlando FL


Tapping Into QR Codes

Tapping Into QR CodesFAMEOctober 2011Orlando, FL

Photo credit to Emmanuel Digiaro on FlickrObjectivesto explore the QR code technologyto consider the implications of QR codes in the library and in learning

Photo Credit to BradJWard on FlickrPerhaps Youve Seen ThemNewspapers

Photo credit to Nick Jones on FlickrMagazines

Photo Credit to Sarah Page on FlickrBooks

Photo Credit to Robin Ashford on Flickr

Photo Credit to Robin Ashford on FlickrCereal Boxes

Photo Credit to PaulSwansen on Flickr

And Other Food Containers

Photo credit to Elizabeth Thomsen on FlickrBillboards

Photo Credit to Robin Ashworth on FlickrPhoto Credit to Nicole Henning on FlickrHow About Clothing?

Photo Credit to Antje Verena on Flickr Photo Credit to FluidForms on Flickr Tattoos!?!

Photo Credit to Scott Blake on Flickr.And even libraries!

Photo Credit to Boris Mann on FlickrSo What Are They?

Want To Try?Need a smart mobile device with a camera, ability to download apps and internet accessDownload a free QR Reader app from storeFor iPhonei-nigmaNeoReaderMany availableScan it!

Scan It!

Using QR Codes in Learning

Amanda Marrinans Using QR Codes in the Classroom on YouTubeCreating Your Own QR CodesGoo.glDelivrQR Code Generator or go custom

In the LibraryPut them on booksVideos or blogs by the authorSupplementary material Book reviews Book trailersIn the LibraryMarketingBlogWikiPromotions/EventsResearch Links

Photo credit to libraryladyj on Flickr

In the LibraryOrientationLibrary TourOnline CatalogPhoto credit to William Couch on FlickrIn Learning

In Learning

Scavenger HuntsThe Daring Librarian @GwynethJonesGeography Final Project Any content to discover or facilitate inquiryIn Learning

Your Ideas?Poll(text or tweet)Edmodo(Join ymhzt6)


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