The process of making my music magazine front cover

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  • 1. The process of making my music magazine front cover

2. Then I went onto adding the Masthead.First of all I done a photo shoot with a However when I added it onto the picturemember of my family for images for my it covered part of the models head so Ifront cover. I then went carefully through then used tools on photo shop to eraseall the photos that I had taken and chose around the models so that my Mastheadthe best and most appropriate one. The would appear to be behind the model.I finally started the production of by Doing that also helped the picture standmagazine front cover by opening up out more. I then added my issue date/photo shop and setting the picture that i number, price and my positioninghad chosen as the background. statement. 3. Next I added the main head line that Then I added all of then head lines and sub-linesgoes with the main image ensuring that I had earlier chosen. I had to think reallyit is big and stands out letting people carefully about where I positioned them, asknow that it goes together with the front they could take over the magazine and push thecover image. Underneath that I have main image back. However after experimentingwrote a short list of other artist that will and moving things around I decided that thebe featuring in my magazine. That helps above positioning of them was attract more people as you write alldifferent artist that all different peoplemay like. 4. Finished music magazine front cover Lastly I added my barcode ensuring that it was very small and in the corner following the codes and conventions.