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A quick power point based on the U.S's weapon sales to terrorist or rebel groups that we don't support publically.


  • 1. Do we sell weapons to terrorist and rebel groups that we do not support?
    George Witte
  • 2. Facts
    Below are the percentages and the number in billions of weapon sales in the world.
    • United States $ 154.882 41%
    • 3. Russia $ 63.823 17%
    • 4. France $ 31.247 8%
    • 5. England$ 26.914 7%
    • 6. China $ 10.125 3%
    • 7. Germany $ 16.261 4%
    • 8. Italy $ 11.053 3%
    • 9. Other European $ 40.291 11%
    • 10. Others $ 22.849 6%
  • 11. The Problem
    My point is with all of these sales and trades only controlled by mainly a few countries we need to make sure that we keep a close watch on whose hands these weapons are getting into. Because countries and governments always have allies and enemies and weapons are like the candy that changed the tide of whose side there on.
  • 12. In this photo you see a member of a terrorist group holding an ak-47. The ak-47 is the most popular and one of the most cheap and powerful guns you can buy and behind the old soviet union, China and the U.S produce them.
  • 13. The usual denying and not finding the solution to the problem
    When someone asks the governments how come this group has weapons that were made and sold by us and the governments argument to that is that they didnt sell them to the terrorist group. But what they dont understand is that when countries have wars and weapons, when the wars are over the leave the weapons behind. So the killing toys are left around to be picked up by anyone.
  • 14. The other really big problem is that these terrorist and rebel groups get more than just guns they get missiles and weapons of mass destruction, which are the worst of all. Now I must argue that most of these missile were left over by the Soviet Union. But I believe it is our duty to make sure we find all these weapons and make sure they do not get into the wrong hands.
  • 15. There Argument
    Most countries say that the weapons that are in the hands of the terrorist and rebel groups are either old weapons left over from previous wars and or weapons sold to countries by private and might I ad illegal arms dealers as shown in the Hollywood production Lord of War. And that they shouldnt worry about it because there a much bigger problems out there.
  • 16. My Argument
    Now yes there are very big problems out there but this is one of the biggest, For gosh sakes almost all of the genocides and terrorist attacks are supplied by these weapons which enables them to do these horrible things. The fact that millions have been killed through these things and most of the time the actual gun used to kill was sold to them by on of the big sellers.
  • 17. Small Arms= Big Problems
    Each year there are around 3 million killed by small arms, that is like having the city of Chicago be destroyed each year. Why would you let this go on. The problem is in many countries it is very easy to get small arms and sometimes the people that get them lets just say have different views on killing innocent people than the average American.
  • 18. My Proposed Conclusion
    People would argue that to monitor these weapon and whose hands they get into would cost quite a bit of money that we dont have. Well out of the U.Ss 291 billion dollar defense budget, we could take a billion or so and monitor these weapons instead of preparing for something to attack us so when it happens we can be ready.
  • 19. Continued Conclusion
    Why dont we get the attackers at the source or not even give them the option to attack. This would help so much and we wouldnt have to worry about these surprise attacks. And we could also make contracts so that we sell the weapons, that the buyers must not sell it too specified groups or the U.S will have to take aggressive action.
  • 20. Thanks for watching my Slide Show comments concerning the topic would be much appreciated along with comments and reviews of the slide show.
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