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I recently gave a pressentation in my MBA class on communicating across cultures ans sub-cultures without the limitations like language, cultural makeup, and other hindering factors. Looking beyond the company I work for now, I tried to focus on a socially responsible corporate philosophy that makes meaning; founded on positive purpose. Here is the resulting slideshow.



Issue Introduction Page 1Value of Clear Communication

Your Logo1Cultureis a word for people's 'way of life', meaning the way groups do things. Different groups of people may have different cultures. A culture is passed on to the next generation by learning, whereasgeneticsare passed on byheredity.

This is a diverse group. We have different cultures. I dont just mean national differences. We have the sub-cultures of religion, gender, age, occupation, organization.

I define culture as the way people are different. Kindness, Wisdom, LoveShared Value = corporate policies and practices that enhance the competitiveness of a company while simultaneously advancing the social and economic conditions in which it operates Michael Porter

Focus and Definition Page 2Ihr LogoYour Logo2Good morning everyone....

The past year here at Globis has been a great learning experience. I am surrounded by all kinds of people form all walks of life all seeking to create, innovate and globalize.

(picture cue) That first pre-MBA class changed my life. I would not be here today if not for that lecturer, those colleagues, and the takeaways.

Theres a lot of kindness and wisdom and love in this room right now. Together, we are diverse. I want to talk about this diversity today in the context of Shared ValueOne Step Closer to the DreamHow CPV helped my personal mission Presentation on Shared ValueECPV JULY2014 Mike KonEnrique Alejandro Velez

Report Opening Page 3Ihr LogoYour Logo3My name is Enrique Velez and my personal mission is to improve the way the world communicates. With your help, I hope to build relationships along the way.

The collective wisdom in this room will be very helpful after my ten minute presentation, at the 5 minute Open Session. Please jot down your comments and questions and share them at that time.

First, I plan to spend a few minutes discussing the shared value of creating a clear way to communicate Then, we will explore social responsibility and shared value (or lack thereof) in my current company ACT SystemsFollowing that, i will ask you to help me bring meaning to my mission of clear communication across cultures.

Backround and Directional Make-up Page 4Personal Journey Towards Contribution Canada = Embracing Immigration is a National AdvantageHSBC = First exposure to East meets West in global organizationExperience in many industries in many functionsCurrent role: Dual Function = Dual LearningNew Business Development SalesEducation and Training OperationsGlobis MBA = KEY SUCCESS FACTOR

Your Logo4I myself was born to a cross culture with parents of mixed heritage and raised in a country that embraces immigration at an astounding rate of 40%In contrast, America makes you jump through hoops to become a citizen. There, I was in many different industries and sizes of company.

Currently, I work in Sales and Operations and I have the opportunity to learn a lot in a small company and apply the lesson content directly to my work. The Globis MBA and all of you are a huge part of my journey towards learning and I thank you all for this.Current Company Priduct Lineup Page 5ACT Systems Inc Corporate TrainingVision = a role in the globalization of Japan...Mission = HR development in the corporate and then the general market... Entry point is English Goal is a total solutions packageStarsQuestion marksHigher market share (potential)Higher market growth (potential)Cross-cultureDiversityGlobalizationCommunicative Business SkillsBusiness EnglishTest PreparationEnglish ConversationDogsCash cowsOverall SkillsBusiness / Language / Culture

Your Logo5I work for a small company that was created to supplement HR departments with outsourced training. Our clients like Honda and Sony which were the predominant revenue makers until 2007 could offer value added training that made gave the employees added training, which made them feel valuable since it is all company paid. The company, of course, can save money by outsourcing to us and having English speaking, internationally competent business persons. ACT Systems Shared Value Page 6How has ACT Systems changed?TREND = free content TREND = WEB 2.0 (many to many participation)DEFENSIVE STRATEGY = best practice operations through compliance, due diligence AGGRESSIVE STRETEGY = customer insight on unspoken needs through loss-leaders, niche products, free services

Dynamic website (Free online lessons,Videos, Articles, Learning Community)

Cross-functional Kaizen TeamsIdea Brainstorming Forum

Your Logo6Honestly, the company I work for does not pay any attention to any shared value. The executives are old school, and ACT is a remnant of the Bubble Era. Revenue is the only motivator and they refuse to spend one yen towards anything that is not directly connected to a realizable return. So sad. However, we can try to identify what they have done in the past that creates social value and is socially responsible. And from this learning experience, I can learn how and where to push for change. Most importantly, it gives me great hope.

1. Defensive, Business = constant enforcement of legal requirements, adhering to health and welfare standards for employees with immediate action for any workplace violations2. Defensive, non-business = rarely making charitable donations or any proactive act for the employees beyond the legal requirement. Its an old school traditional Japanese company.3. Aggressive, Business = my initiative is to use Web 2.0 to activate the current clients with a value-added offering. Also, to create free material for the people vested in a global or professional Japan. 4. Agressive, non-business = i have yet to gain the support of the executives and am basically waiting for them to retire. But, there is momentum now. I have planted the seed with the senior managers and next people in line to succeed to top management. Philosphy and Social Values Page 7Corporate Philospohy and Leadership StyleStrong corporate culture based on shared values John Kotter and James Haskett, HBRCompanies with purpose outperform the general market 15:1 Jim Collins, Good to Great

Make meaning, the money will follow Guy Kawasaki

Your Logo7And that brings us to ClearCrossCulture... A seed that the MBA has nurtured. I have met many good friends along the way. And our common friends John Kotter, James Haskett and Jim Collins have shown us to have purpose at our core.

Guy Kawasaki taught us to make meaning and This is my mantra. Set out to be meaningful and you will be successful no matter what you do.

Product Mix and Value Proposition Page 8How do we make a dent in the universe?Vision = Mutual UnderstandingMantra A = Promote a common mindset of Communication CitizenshipMantra B = Provide an IT solution bigger than any language or culture barrierComplete Empowerment Culturally adjustedLanguage barrier-free

StarsQuestion marksHigher market share potential Higher market growth potentialCross-cultureDiversityMOOCSeminarsFacilitationDogsCash cowsMindsetTraining

CurationYour Logo8The Reason to exist is mutual understanding

In a nutshell, there are two distinct parts which can be imagined more clearly if given some situations

1. A senior male doctor in Africa has one part of a cure for cancer and a young female doctor in Tibet has the other. If they had a way to work together efficiently unphased by culture or language, then society benefits.

2. A busy Korean manager of an Indian Customer Service Team wants to draw wisdom from a trusted community source that would help her manage and improve her staff.

Convince the decision makers. Train the trainers. They train the children of the world. The world changes.

Social Value Actualization Page 9

Actualizing Social Values of ClearCrossCultureProactive ApproachMindset TrainingIT LicensingMANY to MANY

Web 2.0 CommunityDynamic PlatformKnowledge CurationALL to ALL

Global ComplianceInternational LawISO / 6 SigmaBest Practices

Self-governingSocial WatchdogCuration Ethics

Social Strategy of ClearCrossCulture

Your Logo91. Defensive, Business: Keeping abreast with global standards and applying best practices with a combination of good processes like ISO and 6-Sigma.2. Defensive, non-business: Self-governance (but with watchdog)3. Aggressive, non-business: ALL to ALL (universal tool)Communication Curation for Cross Culture sits in the middle of local communities and global virtual communities as a tool. I do not guarantee how the tool will be used, but only put the tool within peoples reach. Of course, the code itself will be open source.4. Aggressive, Business: MANY to MANY (in business world) Communication Facilitation will be the profit generating follow-up to our non-profit service. And both will work hand in hand to be in a constant state of refinement.

Combining Marketing 3.0, CSR, and Internet Business Strategy, I hereby present to you the Social Value Framework of ClearCrossCulture

Content curation ethics Beth Kanter Curation Best Practices Guillaume Decugis

Here comes your footer Page 10Values to the stakeholders?NPO / NGO partnersEmployeesGovernment Private customersOnlineFace-to-FaceCommunities

We found that the only way to drive our sustainability objectives forward is by entering into a dialogue with stakeholders - Irene Dorner, CEO HSBC Bank USA

Your Logo10Clear Communication across cultures results in less tension within large organizations, more productive meetings, better use of company resources, liberated employees.

For global citizens, this means less chance of message being lost in translation, and a positive attitude towards reaching across the globe because it is easier.

Our social contribution is basically to make communication easier on all levels between all people that are interested. And it is a constantly changing mosaic of improvements in both Facilitation and Curation. Profit Arm and NonProfit Arm Business Model Page 11Sustaining the Shared Value - Monetization

Profit and Non-Profit Symbiosis:Direct interest from Enterprise and private sector Curation Community participation leads to Sales Pipeline NetworkNPO and NGO contributions lead to business opportunities for training and licensing services for Profit ArmDonations from Sponsors (private and public) keep the initiative financially viablePrivateEnterprisePrivateDonationsGovernmentSponsorshipNPO NGOCollaborationConsultingFeesTrainingFeesYour Logo11(interaction) How do you think social media gets paid? What is the shared value created by Twitter? (55 millions tweets are going to be sent today, by the way)

Google Twitter Facebook Viber or whomever is spending on communication tools and get buy-ins or tie-ins or freebies

If the ProfitArm cannot carry itself or change the world completely, the NonProfit Arm will still be viable using CSR Best Practices outlined in Kotler and Lees book

How will Twitter monetize?

This leads us to the magical question that we all think but may still doubt 10-steps for Gaining Traction List up and rank related social entry points (war, global supply chain, international education, global medical teams, OECD education)List up related companies for partnership, sponsorship, donationsApproach companies for interview, information exchange on social initiativesListen to their business needs (Marketing, PR, HR, CSR) and assess unspoken needsExplain the social issues we are aligned with / passionate aboutPrepare and submit a proposal based on a fit with their overall needsParticipate in developing the implementation plan Offer and anticipate to handle most administrative legwork if possibleAssist in measuring and reporting outcomes Provide recognition for the contributions in ways they prefer(Kotler, Lee CSR A Marketing Approach to Winning Corporate Funding)Business Development Plan Page 12

Your Logo12Kotler and Lee talk about how Socially Responsible entrepreneurs can proceed to engage potential stakeholders like big companies or governments.

On a micro level, ClearCrossCulture tugs on the heartstrings of the powers that be, to give them an outlet to contribute to society in a meaningful way that will give them positive returns to their business.

Personally, I can see this kind of movement to train key personnel in government. This means better education to the youth of a country. This also means better international relations. Recent Contributions Page 13What ClearCrossCulture has done so farICA Japan Developing infrastructure in poor countriesJEFO Moving expiring goods from Tohoku to Myanmar and Philippines TFF-NPO making Suginami Ward more foreign-friendlyFaceBook group for collaborators

Collective CollaborativeCommunicative

Your Logo13Samples of ClearCrossCulture efforts to date: Voluntary help to NGO and NPO for their communication needsIn January 2014 ICA Japan Website Layout helped them to redesign their portal for higher impact to get private funding for outreach programs in underdeveloped countries

In February 2014, JEFO White box movement of nearly expired emergency goods Tohoku to be moved to poor countries helped them to draft documents and set the directors mindset before visits to Myanmar and the Philippines (early 2014) March 2014 TFF-NPO Tuning for the Future Presentation Material and Delivery helped them to make Suginami ward more receptive to foreigners

I also draw a lot of inspiration from the collaborators that contribute on the FaceBook group.

Where Value is Created Page 14How CCCC Facilitation Can Create ValueChange the way management communicates with the employees Transparent and BroadcastedParticipatory and UsefulChange the way individuals communicate to anyone in the WHOLE world improve the message (content and order)Improve the way (active listening and speaking)

Your Logo14So we probably all know by personal experience a few hurdles to communicating across cultures

Let me show you how i hope to make it easier for our children and their children in the long-term... As well as for us in the short term.

This communicative mindset training is the core offer which lies in the aggressive business related shared value

It all starts from the communicative mindset. And we will use the rapid advancement of Information Technology to provide the hardware and software to power this communication revolution.

Curation Innovators Page 15Significance of Curation in Social Stewardship

Ashoka promoting change through social entrepreneurshipCancerCommons accelerate the learning cycle or patients, doctors, and researchersEarly Adaptor MOOCs assist schools and teachers cu...